Is ODAC included in Oracle client?

Is ODAC included in Oracle client?

The Oracle Instant Client only exposes direct OCI (Oracle Call Interface) APIs, so only relevant to Oracle-aware applications (see, say, ) ODAC includes the Instant Client, plus also a bunch of Microsoft-facing APIs on top of that (.

What is Oracle ODAC used for?

ODAC provides comprehensive client support for advanced Oracle database functionality, including performance, high availability, and security, among other features. It is tightly integrated with Visual Studio and Windows to provide a seamless development experience for Windows developers.

Does ODAC require Java?

Sure. You have to install JDK current version. You may also have to install ODAC to run ORACLE in Windows.

Where is the Oracle Universal Installer?

/Program Files/
By default, the Universal Installer inventory is located in a series of directories at /Program Files/Oracle/Inventory on Windows computers and in the /Inventory directory on UNIX computers.

Is ODAC installed?

It is highly recommended ODAC be installed into a new Oracle Home. Installing ODAC on top of an existing Oracle home may break existing Oracle applications.

What is ODAC XCopy?

ODAC XCopy Use XCopy to deploy ODAC to large numbers of machines. XCopy has the smallest size and allows complete installation and configuration customization. Installation instructions and README are included with the download.

What is difference between Oracle client and ODAC?

Answer: ODAC isn’t a product. Instead, ODAC is a collection of drivers that provide Oracle client connectivity to Oracle. If you are asked by the Oracle installer software to install a particular Oracle driver, (ODBC, OLE DB or a provider for . NET) then you just need to install whole the ODAC package.

Is JDK required for Oracle?

1, “Certified Oracle RDBMS to Use With Oracle Database Mobile Server” Section 3.3. 2, “JDK Platform Support”…3.3. 2 JDK Platform Support.

Application Server Version Used JDK Version Supported
Oracle Glassfish 3.1 Sun JDK 1.6
OracleAS 10g version Sun JDK 1.6

What type of interface does the Oracle Universal Installer OUI require?

graphical user interface
Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) is a Java-based graphical user interface (GUI) application that enables you to install Oracle components from a CD, multiple CDs, or the Web.

How do I uninstall Oracle Data Access Components ODAC?

This uninstalls all the components….64-bit Operating System

  1. Open Command Prompt, remember to run it as Administrator.
  2. Locate the folder where ODAC has been installed (E.g.: c:\ODAC64).
  3. Once the cursor changes, run the command c:\ODAC64 uninstall.bat all odac.

How do I install ODAC using Oracle universal installer?

The instructions below apply to installing ODAC using Oracle Universal Installer. Xcopy installation instructions are included with the download itself. Download the ODAC zip file into a temporary directory. Note: Do not download this file into the “Tmp” directory. Unzip its contents to the directory.

How do I install the Oracle client and Oracle Data Access components?

The following is a straightforward guide to installing the Oracle Client and Oracle Data Access Components for Windows 64bit clients/servers. Unzip the file into an appropriate location. Run the setup.exe to begin the installation process. Select the Runtime or Administrator installation option. Click Next.

How do I download Oracle Data Access components (ODAC) with Visual Studio?

The screenshots are based on Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) version In your Internet browser, navigate to the following location, and download ODAC with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio: Extract all the files from the zip file to a folder in your file system. Double-click Setup.exe.

Do I need to install Oracle Database 11g?

You must have Oracle Database installed, either locally or on a remote computer. The samples in this guide all require Oracle Database 11g client. However, you may use any Oracle Database 9 i Release 2 or higher as they are supported with this client.


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