Is Pike Sergeant Wilson Son?

Is Pike Sergeant Wilson Son?

These include Private Pike, who worships his “Uncle Arthur” but may be Wilson’s son – Wilson has had a long relationship with Mavis Pike, Pike’s widowed mother. He admits that Pike originally called him Daddy, until told to call him Uncle (although the writers have confirmed that Wilson is Pike’s biological father).

How old was John Le Mesurier in Dad’s Army?

71 years (1912–1983)
John Le Mesurier/Age at death

Is Uncle Arthur Pike’s dad?

One of the lingering mysteries of Dad’s Army has been resolved after the actor who played Frank Pike confirmed that Sergeant Wilson, the young character’s “Uncle Arthur”, was actually his father. Ian Lavender, 72, is the last surviving member of the fictional Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon.

Who is Pikes father in Dad’s Army?

Arthur Wilson
Private Frank Pike

Frank Pike
Relatives Arthur Wilson (father) Mavis Pike (mother) Unnamed Half-Sister George (uncle) Lettice (great-aunt)
Affiliations Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard
Series information
First seen The Man and the Hour

Who is Pikes dad in Dads Army?

Arthur Ian Lavender
Arthur Ian Lavender (born 16 February 1946) is an English stage, film and television actor. He is best known for his role as Private Pike in the BBC sitcom Dad’s Army….

Ian Lavender
Children 2

Who was John Le Mesurier’s first wife?

She married Le Mesurier in 1966. A few months later Le Mesurier introduced her to his close friend Tony Hancock. When Le Mesurier was away in Paris filming Where the Spies Are (1966), she began her affair with Hancock….External links.

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How old was Clive Dunn when he appeared in Dad’s Army?

Clive Dunn was 22 years younger than Corporal Jones Clive Dunn played the oldest guardsman, Lance Corporal Jones, but was actually one of the youngest cast members. Being just 48 when he took the role of the 70-year-old, he was the only principal actor not playing a part approximate to their own age.

Why was Pike not in the Army?

Aged 17 when the series begins, he is not old enough to join the army, although presumably he has reached, or is nearing, his 18th birthday when he is about to receive call-up papers in When You’ve Got to Go; in the event, it is revealed that he has a rare blood type that excludes him from military service.

Who is Ian Lavender father?

Edward Lavender
Ian Lavender/Fathers

Who was John Le Mesurier?

British Actor John Le Mesurier On the set of the classic BBC TV comedy show ‘Dad’s Army’, 20.08.1970. (Photoshot/Getty Images) John Le Mesurier was one of Britain’s best loved character actors thanks to his stage work, regular spots on Hancock’s Half Hour and always excellent supporting roles in films like The Italian Job and The Pink Panther.

Why did John Le Mesurier change his name to John Halliley?

During this period Le Mesurier changed his professional name from John Halliley to John Le Mesurier; his biographer Graham McCann observes that “he never bothered, at least in public, to explain the reason for his decision”. Le Mesurier used his new name for the first time in the September 1937 production of Love on the Dole.

What kind of movies did Le Mesurier appear in?

Le Mesurier had a prolific film career, appearing mostly in comedies, usually in roles portraying figures of authority such as army officers, policemen and judges. As well as Hancock’s Half Hour, Le Mesurier appeared in Hancock’s two principal films, The Rebel and The Punch and Judy Man.

What did Jean-Yves Le Mesurier die of?

A heavy drinker of alcohol for most of his life, Le Mesurier died in 1983, aged 71, from a stomach haemorrhage, brought about as a complication of cirrhosis of the liver. After his death, critics reflected that, for an actor who normally took minor roles, the viewing public were “enormously fond of him”.


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