Is Thanatos good in smite?

Is Thanatos good in smite?

Thanatos is a powerful jungler who can carry his team to easy wins in Smite. He excels at bursting down targets before escaping swiftly with his Scent of Death. The God isn’t as tanky compared to other junglers, lacks a dash, and can be instantly blown up during crowd control. Here is the best Thanatos build in Smite.

What God has the highest win rate in smite?


bastet 59.54% 15.92% (4323)
ah muzen cab 55.57% 11.40% (3095)
zeus 55.33% 14.61% (3969)
geb 54.97% 15.41% (4184)

What class is Thanatos in smite?


Class: Assassin
Pros: High Sustain
Difficulty: Average
Release date: September 18, 2013

Is Thanatos a good guy?

Thanatos is actually known for being a good dude, who gently ushers the departed down into the Underworld. In one famous instance, he and his brother Hypnos, god of sleep, ease the pain of the wounded hero, Sarpedon, before they bring his soul to the Land of he Dead.

Does Thanatos have a scythe?

Blade: Thanatos owns a long scythe with a Stygian Iron blade.

Who is the most popular god in smite?

The Best Smite Gods – Powers, abilities, and more

  • Bakasura.
  • Bacchus.
  • Ah Muzen Cab.
  • Achilles.
  • Merlin.
  • Freya.
  • Ao Kuang.
  • King Arthur. Probably out of all them, the best Smite God, King Arthur is an extremely powerful Warrior who deals high area damage and has strong crowd control abilities.

Is Thanos based on Thanatos?

Thanos’ name is derived from the Greek idea of Thanatos, the personification of death and oblivion. Thanos is a descendant of an offshoot of Kirby’s Eternals. Thanos was born with the Deviant metagene, effectively making him a mutant in his advanced culture.


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