Is the 3M 8210 discontinued?

Is the 3M 8210 discontinued?

3M will be phasing out the pro-series packed skus of the 8210Plus and the 8511 respirators effective December, 2019.

Does 3M 8210 protect against Covid?

3M™ Particulate Respirator 8210 is not cleared by the U.S. FDA as a surgical mask, as a surgical mask and is not considered fluid resistant, therefore a face shield must be worn during use….Alert: Coronavirus Pandemic.

Attribute Name Value
Respirator Style Cup
Segment Personal Safety
Size Standard
Specifications Met N95

What is the difference between 3M 8210 and 8210 plus?

The 8210 Plus has the yellow fabric straps with the elastic inside(like a waist band)which are superior to the rubbery plastic straps on the 8210. I have received the regular 8210 masks in place of the 8210 Plus on a few occasions.

What is 3M 8210 mask USED FOR?

3M 8210 N95 respirator is an economical dust mask designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker protection against certain non-oil based particles. Workplace applications include grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and other dusty operations.

What is the difference between 3m 8200 and 8210?

The only difference I can discern is that the strap on the 8200 is stapled and the one on the 8210 is welded. The weld being the stronger of the two. I have been using the 8210s for years and have never had a strap issue.

What is the difference between 8200 and 8210?

Is 3M 8210 comfortable?

The 3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator is similar to the 3M 8511 in all important aspects: It’s NIOSH-approved to filter 95% of airborne particles, it fits a wide range of faces, it has a metal nosepiece to create a tight seal, and it’s comfortable to wear.

What is the difference between N95 8210 and 1860?

The 8210 is a standard N95 respirator, while the 1860 and 1870+ are both surgical N95 respirators. blood (2cc) is shot horizontally at the mask at a distance of 30 cm (12 inches).


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