Is there a beach in Hermosillo Mexico?

Is there a beach in Hermosillo Mexico?

This is a nice beach near the capital of Hermosillo Sonora. It is 100 kilometers from the city and home to some interesting islands, especially to Mexico’s largest island- Tiburon Island.

Is Hermosillo Mexico safe?

Hermosillo is a very safe city, however people from the US are easy to spot. Driving is safe, and taxis are fairly expensive, so a rental car is best. Don’t go out at night alone except to restaurants. Stick to the area around your hotel and wherever your business is.

Does Sonora have a beach?

Clear water, soft sandy beaches and ideal weather make these some of the finest beaches for travelers. Yet, Sonora has an endless supply of remarkable beaches along its coast that are just waiting to be discovered.

Is Hermosillo Mexico Safe 2020?

Hermosillo is far safer than the rest of Mexico. Tourists could feel yourself safe near attractions because police are always close by in case of an emergency. Travelers should know that in December, there is an increase in police checkpoints all over the city.

How far is Hermosillo to the ocean?

Yes, the driving distance between Hermosillo to Sea of Cortez Beach Club By Diamond Resorts, San Carlos is 147 km. It takes approximately 1h 43m to drive from Hermosillo to Sea of Cortez Beach Club By Diamond Resorts, San Carlos.

What cartels are in Sonora Mexico?

It is located near a highway west of the state capital, Hermosillo. Sonora has been the scene of drug gang turf battles thought to involve factions of the Sinaloa Cartel, allies of the Jalisco cartel and a gang allied with fugitive drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero.

What is Hermosillo Mexico known for?

The City of Hermosillo itself is home to both light and heavy industrial development, and is considered the center for commerce in the State of Sonora. Because of its nearby sandy beaches at Kino Bay, Hermosillo is developing its tourism industry.

How far is the beach from Hermosillo?

Is it safe to drive from Arizona to San Carlos?

Driving: If you prefer to drive, the highway from Nogales, Mexico to San Carlos is considered safe and pleasant. People living in the Arizona area, the drive from Phoenix or Tucson down Mexico 15 through Nogales is considered safe, with interesting landscape and views along the way.

Is Highway 2 in Mexico safe?

The highway through El Golfo is safe, as is Hwy 2 in Mexico. The gulf highway sometimes has a federal police stop which can take a while, but safety isn’t an issue.

Is Highway 15 Mexico safe?

Highway robbery and carjacking are ongoing security concerns for travelers on the Mexican toll road Highway 15 in Sonora and on Maxipista Benito Juarez in Sinaloa. These highways are known to be particularly dangerous at night when roadside robberies occur.


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