Is there a free pet helpline?

Is there a free pet helpline?

Is the 24 Hour Vet Helpline free? Yes! Paws and Claws can help alleviate uncertainty by providing a 24 Hour Vet Helpline for all of our customers. No question is too big or too small and the service is completely FREE for customers to use at any time, on any day, 365 days a year.

Is there a 911 for pets?

Can you call 911 for your dog or other pet? 911 is reserved for human emergencies. It is not advised for you to call 911 if your pet is having an emergency. You should contact your vet or the nearest emergency animal hospital for these types of emergencies.

Is there a free Ask a vet?

The Ask. Vet service will be provided free of charge to all U.S. pet owners. For more information, visit

What to do if you cant afford the vet?

When You Can’t Afford Veterinary Care

  1. Choose pet insurance.
  2. Get a Credit Line.
  3. Ask for payment options.
  4. Consider crowdfunding.
  5. Host a group yard sale.
  6. Use free or low cost clinics.
  7. Ask friends or family.
  8. Start a pet savings account.

What if I don’t have money for a vet?

The first thing you should consider is asking your animal hospital or veterinarian if they offer a payment plan for the treatment your pet requires. Reach out to your local breed club for information on local, state or national groups involved in breed-specific veterinary care assistance programs.

Can I talk to a vet on the phone?

Telehealth (Pet Care Advice) If you’re unsure if something requires a visit to the vet, we’ll help you decide. Who answers: You will speak with a veterinary professional. How to Start: Call 1-800-775-4519 to access our veterinary professional staff. They will offer professional advice to address your pet care concerns.

Is the Rspca free?

The RSPCA provides a reduced cost veterinary service; it does not accept contributions or donations instead of payment. Fees are charged for all consultations, examination, treatment, drugs, materials and consumables.

Can you call 911 if your pet is dying?

No. Do not call 911 because your animal is in distress. 911 is for human emergencies only. If your animal is in distress you need a vet immediately.

What do you do if your pet has an emergency?

What to Do in a Pet Emergency

  1. Stay Calm.
  2. Assess the Problem.
  3. Respond As Much As Possible at Home.
  4. Call the Vet or an Emergency Vet.
  5. Calm Your Pet As Much As Possible.
  6. Ask a Capable Family Member to Help.
  7. Load Your Pet Into Her Crate or Into Your Vehicle.
  8. Drive Safely to the Vet.


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