Is tunability a word?

Is tunability a word?

Tunability meaning (uncountable) The state of being tunable. (countable) The extent to which something is tunable.

What is the meaning of tunability?

tunability in British English (ˌtjuːnəˈbɪlətɪ) technical. the ability of something, esp an electronic instrument or device, to be tuned.

What is tunability in chemistry?

technical. the ability of something, esp an electronic instrument or device, to be tuned. New biochemical studies have been taking advantage of the free-electron laser’s precise tunability in terms of wavelength and pulse duration.

What does tuned in mean?

: to listen to or view a broadcast of tuned in the weather report. intransitive verb. 1 : to listen to or view a broadcast tune in next week for the conclusion.

What does turnable mean?

Filters Capable of being turned
Filters. Capable of being turned. adjective.

What does tunable mean in science?

1 : capable of being tuned tunable lasers. 2 archaic. a : tuneful.

What are tunable properties?

We investigate composite nanostructures whose physical properties can be controlled both reversibly and dynamically – thus tuned – by the application of an external electrical stimulus. Tunables.

What is the meaning of Join In?

to become involved in an activity with other people: The discussion started between John and me, but then everyone joined in.

What does tuning a girl mean?

This is flirting, but even more casual. When someone’s tuning you, they’re keeping things at a level of plausible deniability. If flirting comes before a date, tuning comes before them inviting you round at 11.30pm.

Is turnable a real word?

Capable of being turned.

Are turnable mattresses better?

Buying a turnable mattress is a far better investment. By being able to use each side you can even out wear and reduce settlements. Most memory foam and boxed mattresses are one-sided. Whereas most pocket sprung natural fibre models should be two-sided.

What does tunable white mean?

Tunable white light is a technology that enables users to adjust the color temperature of a lamp in real time. For LEDs, users modify the correlated color temperature (CCT) and intensity of the source with an input, such as a slider control or intelligent lighting management system.

Is tunability mandatory in ONT optical transceivers?

Unlike the Next-Generation Passive Optical Network 2 (NG-PON2) standard, tunability is not mandatory in ONT optical transceivers, although this would reduce inventory complexity. Unfortunately, these are not easy to design and fabricate, as high quality factor, tunability and high compactness are not easily compatible within the same device.

What is the tunability of [fsub]?

The tunability of [f.sub.0] is tested for three different values (50 kHz, 100 kHz, 150 kHz) when the order of the filter is set to 1.9 and Q = 0.707. This tunability allows the team to design robots capable of turning and moving at different speeds.

How can we improve bandgap tunability in graphene?

To date, straining graphene to break its lattice symmetry is perhaps the most efficient approach toward realizing bandgap tunability in graphene. For molecular spectroscopy and quantum optics, the DLC TOPO delivers wide tunability, narrow linewidth, and hands-free digital control over the 1.4 to 4.0 [micro]m spectral range.


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