Test Your Critical Thinking Skills With Watson Glaser Test (WGCTA)

Test Your Critical Thinking Skills With Watson Glaser Test (WGCTA)

Initially developed by Goodwin Watson and Edward Glaser, Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test is designed to gauge your critical thinking skills, your ability to understand the assumptions, your ability to draw conclusions as well as ability to draw conclusions based on that assumption.

Since the test will gauge your critical thinking skills, you should have problem-solving skills and should be able to come to the solution quickly after examining the pros and cons of the problem. Recruiters use this test as one of the metric to hire graduates and skilled people on board.

Besides, it is available in French, Dutch, Spanish and English language. The test will measure:

  • Your ability to recognize assumptions
  • How decision making you are
  • How you interpret and evaluate arguments
  • And, how you conclude things

Key Points To Keep In Mind

  • Watson Glaser Test (WGCTA) – Free Practice test is time-bound, which means that the candidate will only get 30-minutes to take the test.
  • It works on the RED model in which, you have to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments and based on that you need to draw a conclusion.
  • The test will access the critical thinking you in five niches viz. inferences, assumptions, deductions, evaluations of arguments and more.
  • There will be a total of 40 multiple choice question that you need to complete in only 30 minutes.
  • It’s an online and offline test

Tips To Pass The Test

Answer As Per The Given Information:

A candidate who has a background in a particular job position will apply its knowledge to complete the test. But, the test will measure your critical thinking ability, which means you will have to answer every question completely on the conditions and facts by not using your own skills.

Make Sure You Are Familiar With The Context Of Questions:

For every question will have different logic and perspective, make sure you understand the question and answer respectively. Get familiar with all questions, go-through it once and make the decision.

Don’t Answer Without Accessing:

Not every question in the paper will access the general knowledge skills of the candidate; there will be some questions that are designed on the decision making concept. So, ensure that your decision is 100% accurate and is based on the first statement.

Find Logic Between Statements:

Taking the test in the Watson Glaser test is all about finding the logic between different statements and analyzing them to find logics between them.

Don’t Skip Paragraphs And Sentences:

You might get long and lengthy like paragraphs and passages, don’t read them in a hurry. Instead, take some and read every paragraph so that you won’t skip any valuable information. Read thoroughly and then make the decision.

Manage Time:

Since there will be questions of every type from lengthy ones to the small, the total time spends on every specific question is difficult to calculate. Therefore, you should know how to manage time with questions without missing any question. Learn to speed up things and compete with time.

Take Negative And Complex Words Into Consideration:

You will find a question that might have tricky words that are given to confuse candidates. So, to get familiar with them, read through every question clearly and divide the statement into different sections.

Plan And Practice Beforehand:

Planning is one thing that helps you ace any test or situation, and with planning, strenuous practice is a must. So, practice as many as questions as you can and then move. First, plan your roadmap and then move. Practice difficult questions first and then move to the easy ones.

With that, you are prepared to give the Watson Glaser Test.  Give it a shot and get hired by the most renowned companies!


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