What airline is Terminal 4 at JFK?

What airline is Terminal 4 at JFK?

JFK Terminal 4 was opened in 2013 and currently handles international arrivals at JFK Airport. It serves as a major international hub for Delta Airlines for its long-haul flights and other airlines.

Where do I pick up arrivals at JFK?

If you are picking up family or friends at JFK, use one of our FREE Cell Phone Lot waiting areas. Conveniently located at each of the primary airport entrances, there are Cell Phone Lots located just off the Van Wyck Expressway and the JFK Expressway.

What terminal is JFK arrivals?

Terminal 4
International Arrival | JFK Terminal 4.

How long is JFK Terminal 4?

In New York, Delta added 11 gates to Terminal 4 at JFK last year, extending the building 600 feet, or two football fields. The concourse is about a half-mile long end to end, Delta spokeswoman Elizabeth Wolf says.

How do I pick someone up from JFK Terminal 4?

Terminal 4 passenger pick up areas are on level 1, north and south curbs. Passengers can also be picked up from the 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station. Wait for your party in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot on the south side of the station.

How do I pick someone up from Terminal 4 at JFK?

You can sit there in your car and wait for the party arriving to call you after they’ve collected their baggage then drive to arrival at their terminal and pick them up.

How do I get from Terminal 4 to Terminal 5 at JFK?

The quickest way to get from JFK AIRPORT/TERMINAL 5 AirTrain STATION to Terminal 4 is to tram which costs $8 and takes 2 min.

Can I walk from Terminal 4 to 5 at JFK?

Walking. JFK doesn’t encourage walking between terminals as the roads are busy on the inside of the airport loop. However, there are sidewalks available, and it is possible to walk between some of the terminals that are closer together, such as Terminals 1 and 2, and Terminals 4 and 5.

What is the biggest terminal at JFK airport?

T4 is the largest terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and the only privately operated terminal in the United States. Covering nearly two million square feet, T4 is home to 34 airlines, has over 12,000 employees, and serves more than 21 million passengers each year.


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