What are bonus series swtor?

What are bonus series swtor?

The Bonus Series are a series of quests meant to be completed after you have finished the planet’s main storyline. In the past, these were one-time quests, but they are now repeatable and are treated like weekly quests. These now-repeatable questlines each have a full story and cutscene sequence.

How do I start the Taris Bonus Series?

The next mission from the series is called “Future Threat“. Go back to Brejik’s Run and pick it up from the Mission Board terminal. It’s also daily repeatable.

What is an exploration mission Swtor?

The exploration missions really only are short side quests that may just enhance the context around an area but aren’t at all necessary.

What are uprisings in swtor?

Uprisings are meant to be faster-paced and action-packed combat adventures where you must fight through multiple enemies at a time as you work your way towards more challenging foes. In Uprisings, you will jump into the action quickly, taking on some of the most dangerous foes in the galaxy.

How do I start the Jedi prisoner?

The mission is start from Republic Fleet, and requires that you take the elevator to Inter-fleet Transport where a shuttle to the Telos is available. Having spoken to Oteg, you will need to use the map to navigate down the elevator and to the Taval V shuttle (at the time of writing the green markers do not show up).

Can you solo uprisings?

Even story mode uprisings are intended to be a group content, although you can solo the easiest ones with level 50 comp and when you know your class well enough.

How do you use uprisings in swtor?

Galactic Command — Uprisings Be at the center of action-packed 4-player battles that challenge players of all skill levels. Once you hit maximum level, you can jump into Uprisings through the Galactic Command interface, accessible from anywhere in the game.

What are bonus series in SWTOR?

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, bonus series are a way to extend the content on a planet, letting you return to by David Piner on May 15, 2015 This article originally was published on SWTORHUB.com authored by Jeff Prime. It has been updated for SWTOR 3.0.

Is there a bonus series for Ord Mantell and Taris?

Tython, Ord Mantell and Coruscant do not have a bonus series. Taris: Talk to Strom inside the spaceport. Nar Shaddaa: After Chapter 1, the quest giver is Maj. Tsel’rban on the Fleet, in the combat training section.

What’s the latest version of SWTOR?

It has been updated for SWTOR 3.0. When playing SWTOR you’ll finish a planet and believe you’re done or perhaps you haven’t finished and moved on to greener pastures. To help add more variety and extra content, you’ll often get a call for help to come back to the planet and play through some new content.


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