What are examples of adventure activities?

What are examples of adventure activities?

This may include activities such as mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, cycling, canoeing, scuba diving, rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, paragliding, hiking, exploring, canyoneering, sandboarding, caving and rock climbing. Some obscure forms of adventure travel include disaster and ghetto tourism.

How can I have fun in Delhi?

Things to Do in Delhi for Youngsters:

  • Go Rock Climbing at the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.
  • View the City from High Up While Paragliding.
  • Explore the City on a Bicycle.
  • Have a Fun-filled Time in Hauz Khas.
  • Pamper the Bookworm in You.
  • Enjoy India’s Cultural Diversity at Dilli Haat.
  • Visit an Amusement Park.

Where can I go with my boyfriend in Delhi?

Places to visit for couples in Delhi

  • Garden of Five Senses. Image: Source.
  • Parthasarathy Rocks. Image: Source.
  • Old Fort (Purana Quila) Image: Source.
  • Hauz Khas Village. Image: Source.
  • Mehrauli Archaeological Park. Image: Source.
  • Lodhi Garden. Image: Source.
  • Millinnium Indraprastha Park. Image: Source.
  • Qutub Minar. Image: Source.

Where can I spend a whole day in Delhi?

Nehru Park. Nehru Park is really like a breath of fresh air in the congested city of Delhi.

  • Deer Park.
  • India Gate Lawns.
  • National Rose Garden.
  • National Zoological Park.
  • Lodhi Gardens.
  • Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Badhkal Lake.
  • What are outdoor and adventurous activities?

    Outdoor and adventurous activities: (e.g. land-based (e.g. mountain walking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering, high rope courses, caving, mining, skiing, snowboarding) water-based (e.g. canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, surfing) air-based (e.g. gliding, parachuting.

    What’s special in Delhi?

    Our capital city is one of the most sought after shopper’s paradise around the world….Typically Delhi – A Shopper’s Paradise

    • Indian Spice Box.
    • Embroidered Handbags.
    • Madhubani Paintings.
    • Silver Handicraft.
    • Meenakari & Kundan Jewellery.
    • Aachar (Indian Pickle)
    • Books.

    What should not do in Delhi?

    10 Things you should not do in Delhi, EVER!

    • DO NOT call ANYONE Bhaiiya, “excuse me” should do it for you.
    • Don’t break Laws, unless you know some in power.
    • Don’t crack jokes on anyone from any community.
    • Don’t fight with anyone, unless you have a bigger gang to actually come out alive.

    Where can I take my girlfriend on a date in Delhi?

    Romantic Places in Delhi – Dil Walon Ki Dilli!

    • Romantically Themed Garden of Five Senses, Saidul Ajaib.
    • Lodhi Gardens near Khan Market- An idyllic place for couples in Delhi.
    • Hauz Khas Village for a Memorable Date.
    • Rose Cafe, Saket.
    • Romantic Sunsets at Parthasarathy Rocks, JNU.
    • Shop and Dine at Delhi Haat, INA.

    How can I spend 24 hours in Delhi?

    How To Spend 24 Hours In New Delhi

    1. Madhi Masjid | © Pranav Singh/WikiCommons.
    2. Lodhi Gardens | © Amaninder/WikiCommons.
    3. Jama Masjid | © Airunp/WikiCommons.
    4. Red Fort | © Gughanbose/WikiCommons.
    5. Humayun’s Tomb | © Santosh Namby/WikiCommons.

    Where can I hangout alone in Delhi?

    Tour the Red Fort (from USD 6.0)

  • Wander around Lodhi Gardens.
  • Explore Old Delhi (from USD 42.0)
  • Indulge in the street food (from USD 70.0)
  • Attend a dance lesson at Delhi Dance Academy (from USD 113.0)
  • Explore Jama Masjid (from USD 32.0)
  • Visit Gandhi’s tomb.
  • Go jogging in Deer Park.
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