What are the Criss Cross fences called?

What are the Criss Cross fences called?

A split-rail fence or log fence (also known as a zigzag fence, worm fence or snake fence historically due to its meandering layout) is a type of fence constructed in the United States and Canada, and is made out of timber logs, usually split lengthwise into rails and typically used for agricultural or decorative …

What does incised fence post mean?

preservative treatment
Incised fence posts engineered to provide a greater preservative treatment. Using cutting edge technology, the treatment process allows the preservative to permeate the timber to a deeper level, to achieve a longer lifespan. The end result is a fence post that comes with a 15 year warranty and complete peace of mind.

What is a post and rail fence?

Post and rail fencing is a fence style that uses perpendicular posts driven into the ground with two or more horizontal rails attached between the posts. This rustic fencing style is often often seen at horse farms and around pastures. Post and rail fencing is popular on horse farms.

What is criss cross wood called?

Latticework is an openwork framework consisting of a criss-crossed pattern of strips of building material, typically wood or metal.

What goes on top of fences?

POST CAP is a wooden or metal addition to give your fence a finished look. POST MIX is ready-made concrete used to fix and set your fence posts into the ground. A fencing essential – this is also referred to as ‘postmix’ or ‘postcrete’. POST SPIKES are a quick and easy way to secure fence posts into the ground.

Are incised fence posts better?

INcisions do not harm the structural strength of the timber and can help reduice the stress from drying out, limiting further cracks in the wood’s surface. The end result is a post with a 15 year warranty and peace of mind.

Why are posts incised?

These robust and long-lasting fence posts have tiny incisions that go deep into the timber, allowing the pressure treatment preservative to penetrate deep into the post. This process is common in agricultural fencing, and these Incised Posts will bring the technique and benefits to the domestic garden.


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