What are the nursing management of molar pregnancy?

What are the nursing management of molar pregnancy?

The initial management of the patient with a molar pregnancy is evacuation of the uterine cavity by dilatation and curettage (D&C). If there is molar tissue detected in the uterine cavity after the initial evacuation a second D&C may be indicated.

What nursing intervention should be included when caring for a client with placenta previa?


Nursing Interventions Rationale
Provide information on test procedures To gin pt’s participation
Provide adequate rest & Reposition client To promote venous return
Encourage relaxation techniques To alleviate stress & anxiety
Elevate HOB To promote circulation

What is the nursing management of placenta previa?

Administering oxygen may be helpful, but the priority is to change the woman’s position and relieve cord compression. Treatment of partial placenta previa includes bed rest, hydration, and careful monitoring of the client’s bleeding.

Can molar pregnancy be treated with misoprostol?

Conclusion: This study points out that, misoprostol may be used in the termination of molar pregnancy with close observation and with subsequent revision curettage.

What are the complications of molar pregnancy?

Complications of molar pregnancy

  • haemorrhage.
  • ovarian cysts.
  • breathlessness (when it spreads to the lungs)
  • pre-eclampsia (toxaemia of pregnancy), involving high levels of certain substances in the blood that raise blood pressure and affect the kidneys and (sometimes) liver function.

What are the top three outcomes for a patient admitted with placenta previa?

Patient’s with confirmed placenta previa are at risk for blood transfusion, injury to nearby organs, cesarean hysterectomy (0.2%), intensive care admission, and death. [6] There is also an increased risk in subsequent pregnancies.

What treatment plan is expected for a woman with placenta previa?

Treatment of placenta previa involves bed rest and limitation of activity. Tocolytic medications, intravenous fluids, and blood transfusions may be required depending upon the severity of the condition. A Cesarean delivery is required for complete placenta previa.

What should you not do with placenta previa?

Many doctors recommend that women with placenta previa not have intercourse after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Do not put anything, such as tampons or douches, into your vagina. Use pads if you are bleeding, and call your doctor or nurse call line.


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