What are three major elements used in the evaluation reporting system?

What are three major elements used in the evaluation reporting system?

An evaluation system is composed of three core elements: an intervention logic, evaluation questions, and indicators.

What is the Army Family Action Plan?

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is your platform to voice quality-of-life issues, feedback, ideas, and suggestions. We give active and reserve component Soldiers, Army Civilians, retirees, survivors, and Family members a powerful tool to help identify issues and concerns and shape your standard of living.

What does assumption of command mean?

An assumption of command is a military tradition that represents a formal transfer of authority and responsibility for a unit to a commanding officer.

How do you address ranks in the army regulations?

UNITED STATES ARMY RECRUITING COMMAND If talking about them to another Warrior, they are addressed by their rank followed by their last name. For example “MAJ Smith”. Both LTC and COL are addressed in the example as “Colonel ________”.

Does an Aer count as an OER?

The time period covered by AERs is counted as nonrated time on OERs and NCOERs covering the same period. (c) Selection boards and personnel management systems will be used to evaluate a Soldier’s entire career and his or her personnel file. Evaluation reports capture rating officials’ single time-and-place assessments.

What is the total Army family program?

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) program provides a mechanism for all demographics who comprise the Army’s global force–Soldiers (Active Army and Reserve Components), retirees, DA civilians, and family members, including survivors, to identify quality of life that impact the Total Army Family.

Where can I get an Army family Action Plan?

garrison Army Community Service office
Issues can be submitted at the garrison Army Community Service office or online through the Army Family Web Portal. The needs of the Army community remain in the forefront of Army Senior Leadership.

What do G series orders mean?

G-Series orders are used to announce and record command succession, unless precluded by military agencies. Commanders, including those appointed on a temporary basis, must be identified on G-Series orders to exercise the legal authority granted to them based on their role.

What does an air force commander do?

Commanders hold the authority and responsibility to act and to lead their units to accomplish the mission. Air Force commanders have threefold mission execution responsibilities: primary mission, Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) readiness, and mission assurance command and control.

Do officers call each other sir?

“Sir” is the correct term for subordinates to address any officers, whether commissioned officers or warrant officers. In basic training, trainees may be instructed to call their drill instructors “Sir.”


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