What are ZPL commands?

What are ZPL commands?

Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) is the command language used by all ZPL compatible printers. It is a command based language used by the printers as instructions to create the images printed on the labels. This article contains links to manuals, examples and specific information related to ZPL Commands.

How do I send ZPL commands to my printer?

To send ZPL commands to the printer via the Zebra OPOS Test Applicaiton type the command in the “Print Data” field and then click the “Direct IO” button.

How do you use ZPL?

  1. Install the ZPL Printer app from the Chrome store.
  2. Run the app and make sure it’s toggled On.
  3. Open Printers & scanners or Devices & Printers in Control Panel.
  4. Add a printer. (
  5. Select “The printer I want wasn’t listed”
  6. Select Add a Local Printer.
  7. Create a new port – Standard TCP/IP.

How do I print special characters in ZPL?

You can use the ^FH command with any ZPL commands that have a data field such as ^FD, ^FV (Field Variable), and ^SN (Serialized Data), but it must precede the field command and it must be followed by the control prefix, which is the underscore (_) by default.

Do all Zebra printers support ZPL?

ZPL is a proprietary printing language that’s only supported by Zebra printers. A business strategy called “vendor tie in”, forces you to buy another Zebra printer. It is not true that ZPL is only supported by Zebra printers. Some models of Epson printers support ZPL (I am using ZPL with the TM-C3400 right now).

Is my Zebra printer EPL or ZPL?

Eltron Programming Language (EPL) is a printer control language used to produce printed labels for various Eltron model printers. It was superseded by Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) after Zebra Technologies acquired Eltron.

How do I send SGD commands to Zebra Printer?

Enter commands in the entry box, then click Send to Printer. Accepted command types are SGD, ZPL, and JSON. For information about these commands, see Zebra Printer Commands. You can also upload a file containing commands by clicking Upload File.

How do I create a ZPL file?

How do I configure a ZPL file?

  1. Make sure you have installed Zebra Designer 3 and Zebra Setup Utilities.
  2. Be sure your Zebra printer is on and connected to your computer via USB.
  3. Open Zebra Designer 3 on your Windows machine.
  4. Click Create a New Label.
  5. It will bring you to a screen where you will set up the Label.

What is SGD command?

Zebra Set-Get-Do (SGD), Zebra ZPL, and JSON commands are used for direct printer communication as well as in some printer management payloads. Zebra printer commands can configure printer settings, check current printer settings, and trigger an action on a printer.

How do I send SGD commands to Zebra printer?

How do I create a label in ZPL?

What is ZPL font?

“ZPL Font 0” is a font that is shipped with any ZPL printer and with a different name for Fingerprint printers. It’s a scalable type font that will improve printing performance. It also support multiline text as well as alignments.


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