What areas are in Barnsley?

What areas are in Barnsley?

Towns, wards and villages

  • Ardsley, Athersley.
  • Barnsley, Barugh, Barugh-Green, Billingley, Birdwell, Bolton upon Dearne, Brierley.
  • Cortonwood, Carlecotes, Carlton, Cawthorne, Cubley, Cudworth.
  • Darfield, Darton, Dodworth, Dunford Bridge.
  • Elsecar.
  • Gawber, Gilroyd, Goldthorpe, Great Houghton, Grimethorpe.

Is Barnsley a poor area?

Barnsley is ranked 20th out of 326. 31.3% of areas in Barnsley are amongst the 10% most deprived in England for health. 31.4% of the areas within Central Area Council are amongst the 10% most deprived in England for health, whereas in 2010 there were 17.1% of areas.

What is Barnsley famous for?

Barnsley is a former mining town in South Yorkshire. According to the 2019 Census rehearsal, it had a population of around 98,924 people. It’s best known for its distinctive culture, brass bands, and coal mining heritage.

Is Barnsley classed as Yorkshire?

Barnsley (/ˈbɑːrnzli/) is a large market town and the principal settlement of the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England. Historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire, it is located between the cities of Sheffield, Manchester, Wakefield, and Leeds.

What towns are near Barnsley?

Towns and Villages Around Barnsley

  • Billingley. Just off the busy A635, seven miles from Barnsley and ten miles north of Rotherham, is the small, quiet village of Billingley.
  • Birdsedge.
  • Bolsterstone.
  • Brampton Bierlow.
  • Cawthorne.
  • Chapeltown.
  • Crigglestone.
  • Darfield.

Is Barnsley a big town?

Barnsley has approximately 227,000 inhabitants over a 320 Km2 region. It is within a green belt, meaning that it is part of the efforts to reduce unrestricted urbanisation.

Is Rotherham a poor area?

Deprivation in Rotherham East is the highest in Rotherham with all areas being more deprived than the Borough average. Eastwood is the most deprived part of the ward although parts of East Dene are almost as deprived. The northern and eastern parts of the ward are all within the most deprived 2% of England.

What was invented in Barnsley?

The prolific Barnsley inventor is, however, much better known for his flushing water closet, unpickable lock and hydraulic press. The press was a major breakthrough, enabling builders to lift heavy girders. His unpickable lock was exhibited in the window of his fashionable London shop, in 1790.

Is Barnsley a town or city?

Barnsley, town and metropolitan borough, metropolitan county of South Yorkshire, historic county of Yorkshire, northern England. The borough encompasses in addition to Barnsley a number of smaller towns, including Cudworth, Darton, Wombwell, and Penistone, and some open countryside, including a section of the Pennines.


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