What can I do to fill up time?

What can I do to fill up time?

As much as I love the idea of spending lots of little bits of time learning and doing new things, I have found that doing too much means you actually cover very little….Learn to cook. Draw for 10 minutes/day. Start a blog. Practice public speaking. Learn a language – others gave some online resources for this.

How can I get a lot in one day?

How To Get More Done In a Day: 7 Ideas That Really WorkStart with a Full Tank. Don’t Overcommit. Focus on Fewer Projects at a Time. Schedule Chunks of Uninterrupted Time. Use the Pareto Principle to Eliminate Overwhelm. Close The Loops & Capture Stray Thoughts. Leave Breadcrumbs for Yourself.

How can I fill my free time?

How to fill in your spare timeGet a part-time job. A part-time job would be considered reasonably easy to a) apply and get, and b) to work around your studies. Start a new hobby. Picking up a new sport or hobby is a productive way to spend your time. Join a new society. Start a project. Get fit. Learn a language. Volunteer. Learn to cook.


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