What causes a sub hematoma?

What causes a sub hematoma?

Subdural hematoma is usually caused by a head injury, such as from a fall, motor vehicle collision, or an assault. The sudden blow to the head tears blood vessels that run along the surface of the brain. This is referred to as an acute subdural hematoma.

Can a hematoma lead to hemorrhage?

A brain herniation often leads to death. Repeated bleeding: Older adults who are recovering from a hematoma have a higher risk of another hemorrhage.

How long does it take a brain bleed to heal?

Some recovery can be a matter of a few days, and others can take months. In general, healing of the complex function of the brain can be a slow process. It is important to remember that 80 percent of strokes are considered preventable.

What is the difference between a hemorrhage and hematoma?

A hematoma can result from an injury to any type of blood vessel (artery, vein, or small capillary). A hematoma usually describes bleeding which has more or less clotted, whereas a hemorrhage signifies active, ongoing bleeding. Hematoma is a very common problem encountered by many people at some time in their lives.


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