What class of demon is Hiei?

What class of demon is Hiei?

C-Class demon
Enhanced Strength: Hiei is an incredibly strong person for his figure, even without his sword. As a C-Class demon he was able to lift a giant pillar, during the dark tournament he was able to catch a giant axe thrown by Bui.

Who is the strongest demon in Yu Yu Hakusho?

Raizen is one of the only two Mazokus ever introduced in the entire Yu Yu Hakusho series until it concluded (the other one being Yusuke) and is either the strongest or 2nd strongest of the Three Kings (as well as the strongest or 2nd strongest character in the series, challenged only by a raged Mukuro), and Yusuke’s …

Is Hiei a fire demon?

Background. Hiei is a male fire demon, who was born to a race of female ice demons. Eventually, Hiei rose up to an A-Class status, and killed people mostly for fun. After losing the stone, Hiei had the Jagan Eye implanted in his forehead by the demon Shigure, hoping to use its psychic abilities to track the stone down.

What happened to Hiei’s demon form?

It is first seen only one time, in his first fight with Yusuke. Hiei was stronger than Yusuke at that point but lost due to Kurama blinding his Jagan eye with blood, explaining that the other eyes are only for amplification (or “decoration” in the manga).

What rank is Hiei?

According to the mangaka, Hiei was apparently D-class when he fought the Ice Dragon.

Who was Hiei inspired by?

Secondly, Togashi has already explained the inspiration for Hiei comes from the 1980s series Patalliro. A shoujo manga set on an island home to a vast collection of diamonds, the story followed the island’s ten-year-old king, Patalliro VIII. Certainly there’s at least a tiny bit of resemblance with the hair.

Can Hiei fight as a ghost?

As far as I know, Hiei has never battled as a spirit. He can use Astral Projection, but combat as a ghost is beyond him.

Why didnt Hiei use his demon form?

Why didn’t Hiei use his Jiganishi form again later in the Yu Yu Hakusho story? – Quora. In Universe: Hiei gained greater power than he could have ever achieved from the Jiganishi form by mastering the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, so he simply never needed to use the form again.

What is Hiei last name?

Overview. Hiei (or “Flying Shadow”) a.k.a. Jaganshi Hiei(Jaganshi is a title, not a surname, meaning “master of the evil eye”) is a main character in the anime and manga series YuYu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi. Hiei’s seiyū is provided by Nobuyuki Hiyama in the original anime.

Was Sasuke based off Hiei?

8 Hiei Is Another Big Influence On Sasuke To find inspiration, Kishimoto popped in one of his all-time favorite shows – Yu Yu Hakusho. However, it was Hiei that Kishimoto found himself drawn to the most – inspiring Sasuke’s brooding demeanor and overall dark powerset.

Does Hiei have the power of the Black Dragon?

I have the power of the Black Dragon, because now I am the dragon! Hiei is one of the main characters of the anime/manga series Yu Yu Hakusho. Hiei is a male fire demon, who was born to a race of female ice demons. Believing him to be a cursed child, Hiei’s family abandoned him and dropped him off a mountain.

How did Hiei become the Dragon of the darkness flame?

He eventually mastered it during his battle with Bui by consuming it and becoming the Dragon of the Darkness Flame in a sense. When using the Darkness Flame, Hiei removes the sealing cloth wrapped around his arm and then proceeds to concentrate his demonic energy and also activates his Jagan at the same time.

What is Hiei’s most powerful technique?

Dragon of the Darkness Flame: One of Hiei’s strongest techniques, where he calls upon the black flames of the demon realm and shapes them into a dragon before firing them at the opponent. This attack is very hard to control, but the flames it is made up of can reduce even a demon’s body to ashes in one shot.

What is the Dragon of the darkness flame?

The Dragon of the Darkness Flame (邪王炎殺黒龍波, Jaou Ensatsu Kokuryuuha; translated as Wicked King Immolation Black Dragon Wave) attack is a powerful technique that summons black flames from the depths of Spirit World and shaping it in the form of a dragon capable of instantly incinerating nearly anything in its path.


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