What does 05 mean on Eftpos machine?

What does 05 mean on Eftpos machine?

05. The issuing bank has chosen not to honour the transaction.

What does decline do not honor mean?

201. Do not honor. Hard Decline. The DO NOT HONOR or Invalid Service Code messages indicate that the customer card’s issuing bank will not validate the transaction and provide an authorization code. Essentially, it mans that the credit card being used for the transaction has been completely rejected by the issuing bank …

Why is my card randomly declining?

There is a large number of reasons why a credit card may be declined, from there not being enough funds available on the card, to the card being expired, the billing address being incorrect, etc.

Is do not honor a hard decline?

This decline code is considered a hard decline and for transactions that receive this decline code we recommend waiting 24 hours before processing the payment. For card not present transactions you are allowed one Do Not Honor decline.

What does a declined card mean?

A Declined transaction response refers to the declination of a credit card that is being used as a payment method. There are several reasons that a card may be declined and these include there being insufficient funds in the account, the card not being activated, or the card is stolen or canceled.

What does the declined code mean on an EFTPOS machine?

While these examples are taken from Commonwealth Bank documentation, keep in mind that codes can be different between banks and EFTPOS machines. For example, the St.George declined code 05 means “Do Not Honour”, which covers suspected fraud, stolen or expired cards, insufficient funds and invalid CVNs ( card verification number ).

What is a 05 decline code on a credit card?

A declined 05 is the most common and general decline code. Our approval and decline codes are structured so that you can quickly determine the type of decline code you’re dealing with: A 00 approval response or a decline response code generated from the credit card processing networks and the customer’s issuing credit card bank.

Why is my transaction being declined?

This is the most common and general declined message for transactions that are blocked by the bank that issued the card. Generally, the response code returned from our system is the actual response returned directly from the customer’s credit card issuing bank.

What happens when my card is declined?

When your card is declined, the EFTPOS machine receives a code from the bank handling the transaction that describes why the transaction wasn’t approved. These include an incorrect PIN, expired card and suspected fraud.


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