What does a blasting zone sign mean?

What does a blasting zone sign mean?

The BLASTING ZONE AHEAD (W22-1) is used in advance of any temporary traffic control zone where explosives are being used. This sign is a diamond shape with a black legend and border on an orange background.

What does blasting zone mean on the highway?

Blasting Zone means any area within the operation that is designated in writing by the operator to the Department as being the area within which blasting operations will be conducted.

What does blasting area mean?

“Blast area” – The area in which explosives loading and blasting operations are being conducted. “Block holing” – The breaking of boulders by firing a charge of explosives that has been loaded in a drill hole.

Why do you have to turn off your phone in a blasting zone?

MUTCD Compliant Blasting Sign: Turn Off 2-Way Radio And Cell Phone (X-W22-2) In a blasting zone, radios and cell phones can interfere with the workers’ airwaves and compromise the blasting activity. Post this sign in sequence with a Blasting Zone sign to avoid any complications.

Why do intersections sign?

Intersection signs let drivers know what lies ahead. Whether it is a merger or a traffic light, post signs to keep drivers aware of what is coming ahead. Whatever the road, we have a sign for it.

What means soft shoulder?

On a busy road, the soft shoulder is an unpaved area at the side of the road where vehicles are allowed to stop in an emergency.

What is the roundabout sign?

Well in fact it is to help drivers, espically foreign, to understand which way to go round the roundabout. The gap in the sign is to show there is no road to go round anti-clockwise, you MUST go clockwise, right round the roundabout, to get to your exit.

What is the merge right sign?

´╗┐Should be used to warn of the reduction in the number of traffic lanes in the direction of travel on a multi-lane highway.

What is priming in blasting?

Priming a charge is simply positioning a suitable primer within a charge or column of explosives. The object is to provide the primary-initiating explosion needed to detonate the main charge efficiently. In this cartridge, the explosive end of the blasting cap must be pointed toward the collar of the borehole.

What is type of blasting?

There are various types of abrasive blasting including, silicon dioxide, soda, steel, bristle, glass bead and much more. All these different abrasive blasting methods usually use a specific type of grit to achieve the desired results, hence the need to determine the correct technique to use.


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