What does Azyan mean?

What does Azyan mean?

Meaning of Azyan: Name Azyan in the Afghan, Arabic origin, means Adornment or decoration.. Name Azyan is of Afghan, Arabic origin and is a Unisex name. People with name Azyan are usually Muslim, Islam by religion.

What is meaning of Zayan?

Zayan is a Muslim boy name that is originated from Urdu. Zayan name meaning is Beautiful, Hospitable, and Graceful.

What does Zeba mean in Urdu?

Zeba name meaning is Power Of Zeus اچھا نظر آنے والا, بھلا، خوش نما that is a Muslim girl name and the lucky number for Zeba is two. زیبا name is Persian originated with multiple meanings. You can also listen here to how to pronounce the Zeba name in Urdu.

What is the meaning of Azlan name?

Azlan is a Muslim name for boys meaning Lion.

What is the meaning of Zaviyar in Urdu?

The meaning of Zaviyar is ‘Brave. ‘ The meaning of Zaviyar in Urdu Language and written like ‘ زویار’. Zaviyar meaning in Islam. Zaviyar Origin / Usage is ‘ Urdu Baby Names ‘ . This name is especially approved for ‘Boys’ Gender.

What is the meaning of AIZA in Urdu?

Aiza is a Muslim Girl Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Aiza name meaning is Respectful, and in Urdu it means عزت والی. Aiza name is a famous Muslim baby name which is often preferred by parents. Aiza name meaning is “Respectful”. Aiza name meaning in Urdu is “عزت والی، مرتبہ والی، مقام والی”.

Is Zain a Quranic name?

Zain, Zayn, or as it is often anglicized Zane, is an Arabic personal name meaning “beauty, grace”.

What is the meaning of Fatima in Urdu?

(Fatima Pronunciations) Baby name meanings, origin and religion. Arabic Meaning: The name Fatima is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Fatima is: Captivating. Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad; one of four perfect women mentioned in the Koran. The other three were Aisha; Khadijah; and Mary.

What is the meaning of Shahnawaz in Urdu?

Shahnawaz is a Muslim name for boys meaning Brave.

What is the meaning of Zawar in Urdu?

Zawar name meanings is Pilgrim, visitor of a shrine. People search this name as Zawar urdu meaning, Zawar meaning in urdu. Zawar is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as زوار, ज़ेवर, زوار, জাবর. Other similar sounding names can be Zawaad, Zawiya.


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