What does Brennan have to call Dale?

What does Brennan have to call Dale?

2. Dale: “I’m Dale, but you have to call me Dragon.” Brennan: “You have to call me Nighthawk.”

What was the name of the company in Step Brothers?

Prestige Worldwide
In the movie, the company name is “Prestige Worldwide,” which does have a nice ring, so don’t rush this step.

Are you going to invest or not Step Brothers?

Dale Doback : Look, we can bicker about this all night, but what’s done is done, Dad. Are you guys going to invest or not? Dr. Robert Doback : That’s it!

How much money did Step Brothers make at box office?

128.1 million USD
Step Brothers/Box office

Did Dale really play the drums in Step Brothers?

IT WAS WILL FERRELL’S REAL SINGING VOICE AND REILLY’S REAL DRUMMING. Reilly learned to play drums for his role in the movie Georgia, where the music was recorded live.

How much did Will Ferrell make for Step Brothers?

Step Brothers/Box office
Ferrell’s 2008 film Semi-Pro earned only $43 million. Step Brothers did better with $128 million, but it wasn’t enough to help Ferrell–mainly because the star commands a high salary in comedies where he plays his trademark man-child role. For every dollar Ferrell was paid, his films earned an average $3.29.

How old are Dale and Brennan in Step Brothers?

40 year old
Plot. Brennan Huff and Dale Doback are 40 year old immature adults still living at home.

How long did it take to film Step Brothers?

2–3 years, 3–4 years. I mean the funny thing with Step Brothers is if those guys are in their 50s it still works, so we could easily return to that, but for now no sequels. In February 2017, Ferrell said in an interview with Rolling Stone that there are currently no plans for a sequel to Step Brothers.

What do Dale and Brennan say when they wake up?

Dale Doback : Shut up! You’ll wake up my dad and get me grounded. Brennan Huff : Just shut up! Dale Doback : I hope you stay still when you sleep, cause I’m gonna put a rat trap between your legs.


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