What does Cho Cho lips mean?

What does Cho Cho lips mean?

Cho cho lips (choh choh lips) Big lips. As in: “Check out the cho cho lips on that guy, he could use them as sails.”

What does Mo Bettah mean?

Mo bettah. If you want to express something that is excellent, you can’t go wrong putting your Hawaiian pidgin in practice with mo bettah.

What is the meaning Hana Hou?

In Hawaiian, “hana hou!” means “one more time!” or “Encore!” It’s a cheer you often hear after a concert at the Waikiki Shell, a hula performance — or a visit to our Islands.

What does Akamai mean in Hawaiian?

Akamai, pronounced “ah-ka-my”) is Hawaiian for intelligent, or “cool.”

What does Malahini mean in Hawaiian?

a newcomer
Definition of malihini : a newcomer or stranger among the people of Hawaii.

How do you pronounce Hana Hou?

Hana Hou (ha-nuh-ho)

What does Wana mean in Hawaiian?

sea urchin
wana. 1. n. A sea urchin, as Diadema paucispinum and Echinothrix diadema, considered by some an ʻaumakua.

What do people in Hawaii say to each other?

People in Hawaii predominantly speak English to people they don’t know well. The people of Hawaii say hello, hi, what’s up—just like the other 49 states. **Edited: apparently I cant count today.

Why is Hawaii spelled Hawaii without the Okina?

In 1959, a U.S. Act was passed called the Statehood Act. In it, Hawai’i was spelled mistakenly without the ‘okina due to an administrative “error”. On the official signed papers, the State is spelled Hawaii. It would take an act of Congress to correct the spelling. How do I say “Welcome to Hawaii” in Hawaiian?

How do you pronounce Hawaii?

Or a person can try to sound like a local or Native Hawai’ian and pronounce it properly. “Hawai-Ee” or “Havai-Ee. If you’re writing it, be sure to spell the word Hawaii with an ‘okina between the two i’s. Properly spelled, it reads Hawai’i.

Do Hawaiians really say Aloha?

The aloha spirit is the intangible sense of respect and responsibility to one’s self, family, community, environment, planet, and the universe. So to answer your question, yes, Hawaiians not only say aloha, but they live and breathe aloha as well.


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