What does interlink Electronics do?

What does interlink Electronics do?

Interlink Electronics, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in manufacturing sensors that are used in electronic portable devices, such as smartphones, GPS systems, and in industrial computers and systems controls.

What is Interlink network?

Interlink is the EFTPOS division of Visa, operating mainly in the United States. Contrary to a regular Visa check card purchase, an Interlink transaction is authenticated using a personal identification number and offers the possibility of obtaining cash back (purchase and withdrawal) from a merchant.

What is the meaning of Inter Link?

Meaning of interlink in English to cause to join or connect together, with the parts joined often having an effect on each other: Police forces across Europe have begun to interlink their databases on stolen cars.

What is the difference between linked and interlinked?

As adjectives the difference between linking and interlinking. is that linking is serving to connect other things together while interlinking is linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing.

How do you use Interlink in a sentence?

1. Police forces across Europe have begun to interlink their databases on stolen cars. 2. Interlink hands and stretch up, tilting the pelvis.

Does Maestro have CVV?

Type down your first 16 digit card number from 19 digits. The last 3 digits of your Maestro card is the CVV number.

What does interinterlink electronics do?

Interlink Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ: LINK), an industry-leading trusted advisor and technology partner in the advancing world of human-machine interface (HMI) and force-sensing technologies, today announced its financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2021.

Where can I buy Interlink products?

Interlink produces an innovative and comprehensive range of standard products available for purchase from our global distribution and representative partners. Interlink FSRs can now be purchased directly from our online store!

Where is Interlink located in California?

Interlink Electronics Inc. is located about 35 miles west of Los Angeles, at: 1267 Flynn Road, Camarillo, CA 93012. Phone: +1 (805) 484-8855. Fax: +1 (805) 530-5598. From the Los Angeles International Airport, take the 405 Freeway North (approximately 20 miles).

Why choose Interlink’s ultrathin pressure sensors?

Interlink’s standard range of ultrathin pressure sensors provides engineers and designers with durable, reliable, easily measurable, and low-cost solutions for human machine interface (HMI) touch applications, analog data capture for machines, sensor fusion solutions, and IoT devices.


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