What does it mean when it says the RPC server is unavailable?

What does it mean when it says the RPC server is unavailable?

The RPC server is unavailable error means your Windows computer is having a problem with communication with other devices or machines through the network you use. If you get this error, don’t worry.

What is the RPC server?

A remote procedural call (RPC) server is a network communication interface that provides remote connection and communication services to RPC clients. It enables remote users or RPC clients to execute commands and transfer data using RPC calls or over the RPC protocol.

How do I enable RPC service?

Method 1. Make sure the RPC services are running

  1. Open the search bar in your taskbar by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.
  2. Type in Services and click on the first search result.
  3. Scroll down and locate the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service from the list.
  4. Ensure that the Startup type is set to Automatic.

How can I enable RPC remotely?

Expand Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Network –> Network Connections –> Windows Firewall –> Domain Profile. Right-click Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception, and then click Properties. Click Enabled, and then click OK.

Is it safe to disable RPC?

Many Windows operating system procedures depend on the RPC service. Microsoft recommends that you don’t disable the RPC service.

How do I fix RPC server is unavailable Windows 10?

Troubleshooting “RPC Server is Unavailable” in Windows Verify correct Time and Time Zone settings. Verify that ” TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper ” is running and set to auto start after restart. Verify that ” Remote Registry ” is running and set to auto start after restart. Reboot the computer after changing the required settings.

What is RPC server unavailable error 1722?

See the following example: Unable to open service control manager database on \\\\ . Error 1722: The RPC server is unavailable. This error message may occur if the File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks component is not enabled on the remote computer.

Why is RPC dynamic port allocation not working on Windows 2003?

If the server is running Windows Server 2003, the Windows Firewall may not correctly handle RPC dynamic port allocation. In this case, it may be necessary to disable the Windows Firewall or restrict the ports used by RPC (see step 4).

Why can’t I log on to the RPC server?

” The system cannot log you on due to the following error: The RPC server is unavailable ” There can be a few reasons for this problem: Incorrect DNS settings. Incorrect Time and Time zone settings. The “TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper” service isn’t running.


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