What does the Royal Army Ordnance Corps do?

What does the Royal Army Ordnance Corps do?

The Ordnance Corps was the body charged with supplying weapons, ammunition and equipment to the British Army. It had a long and complex history, ultimately originating in two corps, one for officers and the second for other ranks.

What did the Raoc do in ww2?

In the supply area it had responsibility for weapons, armoured vehicles and other military equipment, ammunition and clothing and certain minor functions such as laundry, mobile baths and photography. The RAOC was also responsible for a major element of the repair of Army equipment.

What is the Army Ordnance Depot?

Currently, the Army’s five Central Ordnance Depots supply general stores, while the vehicle depots handle vehicles. From these depots, the items are sent to the regional ordnance depots to supply to the different army commands. Then, they are transported to the division ordnance depots for supplying to the units.

What is Ord in Pakistan Army?

The Pakistan Army Ordnance Corps is a branch of the Pakistan Army, operating in military logistics….Pakistan Army Ordnance Corps.

Army Ordnance Corps (Pakistan)
Branch Pakistan Army
Role Production of Logistics
Headquarters/Garrisons Generals Combatant Headquarter (GHQ)

How do I join the Army Ordnance Corps?

For Jawans, joining the AOC is through direct recruitments/rallies held on a regular basis by the army. For Officers, they are commissioned into AOC only after they are graduated from the respective training academies based on performance and merit in the academy.

What does sua Tela Tonanti mean?

to the thunderer – his arms
‘Sua Tela Tonanti’, which remained the motto of our Corps for many years. “Sua Tela Tonanti” is best translated as “to the thunderer – his arms” or in modern sense “to the warrior – his weapons” or “to the soldier his-fighting needs”, which very aptly summed up the very purpose of the Corps.

What are ordnance stores?

Definitions of ordnance store. military supplies. synonyms: munition, ordnance. type of: armament. weaponry used by military or naval force.

Why is it called ordnance?

The word ordinance for “command” lost an i in the 1500’s and became ordnance, meaning “military materials.” Both words go with war — a command to shoot requires ordnance, or something to shoot with. Ordnance helps soldiers fight and protect them.

What is the role of the Ordnance Corps Warrant Officer?

Ordnance Warrant Officers are the Army’s premiere maintenance and logistics system expert, leader, trainer, mentor, and advisor. They administer, manage, maintain, operate, and integrate Army maintenance and logistical systems and equipment across the full range of Army operations.


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