What does violet base tan mean?

What does violet base tan mean?

Violet Base – As the tan develops a Violet based product will counteract any yellow / orange undertones. Thats because violet is on the opposite end in the colour spectrum. When a darker tan is required, a violet based product will usually deliver the best results.

What is a Mediterranean tan?

Mediterranean Tan’s violet-base solutions™ are a unique base and therefore able to produce deeper darker more exotic tans without the orange. The company takes pride in manufacturing only the highest quality products, which have evolved over many years of experience in the tanning industry.

Is loving tan violet based?

it’s a violet based tan that knocks out orange tones. perfect for first-time tanners and those who want no orange in their tan game.

What is red base tanning solution?

True Red – RBS® red base solution™ counteracts any orange/brassy undertones to produce a deep bronzed look. (Think rose gold). Red counteracts orange directly on the same side of the colour wheel to create a beautiful rose gold result.

Why does my tan have a red tint?

Many people grow up thinking that if they don’t experience a slight red or pinkish tint after they tan didn’t “get anything.” The truth is that the red or pinkish tint you see is actually sunburn (or erythema) – your skin’s worst enemy.

Is Bondi Sands green or violet based?

Bondi Sands products are formulated green based, so that our customers result in a natural warm beautiful tan that doesn’t appear orange. This being said, colour development is very dependent on the skin’s pH levels.

What is the difference between a Mediterranean tan and a Caribbean tan?

They have all the same tanning features. The only difference is that the Hybrid bed has more collagen and melanin boosting lamps fitted as standard. What’s the difference between Basic, Mediterranean and Caribbean Setting on the sunbeds? Caribbean: a higher proportion of UV-B helps the user achieve a more intense tan.

What does caribic mean in tanning?

The settings are intended to provide specific tanning behaviour; Basic: Equal UVa and UVb: Builds tolerance to UV light. Medit: Provides a higher proportion of UVa and enables faster tanning. Carib: Higher proportion of UVB – Provides a more intense, deeper tan.

Is Loving Tan red based?

They are both meant to be green based tans rather than orange but Loving Tan doesn’t pump out looking greenish but instead a deep brown. When the tans are developing they are noticeably different colours.

Is St Tropez or Loving Tan better?

St. Tropez’s medium brown colored formula was a lighter in color compared to Loving Tans very dark formula. Loving Tans dark formula took more effort to diffuse an even color on the skin. The win in this category went to St.

What causes a florid complexion?

A flushed face is often the result of anxiety, stress, embarrassment, or even spicy foods, but it could also be the result of an underlying medical condition, such as rosacea, Cushing disease, or a niacin overdose. If you experience recurring, unexplained flushing, seek medical attention.

What are the different colors of Tans?

Color Base Tans | Violet, Dark Ash, Caramel & Original Tans | MineTan

What is olive tanning?

Our original green base professional formula loved by salons and now self tanners. Olive maximizes your skin’s deepest potential, capturing your natural skin color and amplifying it with super dark results.

What is the best shade of Tan for my skin tone?

Look like you’ve just returned from Rio. Dark Ash gives you a cool, intense super dark brown finish. A mix of dark ash brown bronzers counteracts red and gold undertones in your skin to deliver a natural looking, cool intense tan.

What is a quadruple dark bronze tan?

Olive maximizes your skin’s deepest potential, capturing your natural skin color and amplifying it with super dark results. Quadruple dark bronzers work with tan extending multi-vitamins and oils to deliver a picture perfect tan in an instant that continues to develop into a super dark olive bronze finish without the fake tan smell.


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