What happened at Westville Prison?

What happened at Westville Prison?

The state of security at Durban’s Westville Prison has been called into question after two guards and four inmates wound up in hospital following a brawl. The two prison guards were both stabbed in the head while the inmates suffered a range of bodily injuries.

How many prisoners are in Westville Prison?

The Durban Westville Centre is extremely overcrowded and has an inmate population of 14 000.

How big is Westville Prison?

The facility contains sections of three levels of security. The average daily population in September 2006 was approximately 3,100….Westville Correctional Facility.

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Location 5501 S 1100 W Westville, Indiana
Capacity 3100
Opened 1945 / 1977
Managed by Indiana Department of Correction

Which is the biggest prison in SA?

Pollsmoor is a maximum security penal facility that continues to hold some of South Africa’s most dangerous criminals. Although the prison was designed with a maximum capacity of 4,336 offenders attended by a staff of 1,278, the current inmate population is over 7,000 (a figure which fluctuates daily).

What happens in South African jails?

Inmates and remand detainees experience extreme overcrowding and inhumane living conditions, including: poor ventilation; inadequate ablution facilities; lack of sanitation and privacy; a shortage of beds and bedding; insufficient supervision and oversight; and poor healthcare provision.

How many prisons are there in KZN?

There are 25 520 prisoners detained in this Province….

Name Type Capacity
Empangeni Max 1392
Kokstad Super Maximum Super Max 1536
Kokstad Medium Prison Med 237

What is C max in jail?

C Max is the maximum security division of the prison. It is run by the South African Department of Correctional Services. The division is specifically designed for violent and disruptive prisoners who have been classified as dangerous in terms of the South African Criminal Procedure Act.

Who is the warden of Westville Correctional Facility?

Warden John Galipeau
Westville, Ind. – Warden John Galipeau and Westville Correctional Facility are pleased to announce Correctional Officer Brenda Alexander was awarded the Commissioner’s Coin for her exemplary work in the Westville Correctional Facility Visitation building.

Is Westville prison maximum security?

The Westville Correctional Facility is nestled in Westville, Indiana. The Westville Correctional Facility has 5 different levels having 3 different security. These inmates are minimum, medium, and maximum security. There are around 3104 offenders in this facility.

What do South African prisoners eat?

In some prisons, only two meals a day were served, and prisoners took bread and a drink with them to the cell as their third meal of the day. For example, in the Durban Westville prison complex, lunch was served at 12:30 P.M. At that time prisoners were issued bread and powdered drink for supper.

How many C max prisons are there in South Africa?

South Africa has two super-maximum security prisons: C-Max, in Pretoria, and Ebongweni, in Kokstad. The second one is considered to be the biggest super-max prison in the world, with 1,440 places.


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