What happened to the WWE logo on WWE Raw?

What happened to the WWE logo on WWE Raw?

This logo was introduced to coincide with Raw’s 1000th episode on July 23, 2012. Same as the last logo, but the then-current logo is replaced with the 2014 one, perhaps the WWE Logo is now at the left of Raw. This logo was revealed by Raw’s General Manager Mick Foley on his official Twitter page.

When did WWE merge Raw and SmackDown?

In August 2011, The original brand extension of 2002 ended, and entire WWE roster, consisting of both Raw and SmackDown superstars, would officially merge, in which every superstar was eligible to appear on either show. The ‘Raw SuperShow’ logo featured elements of SmackDown’s logo to emphasise the end of the original brand extension.

How much is the WWE logo worth in 2020?

The celebrated WWE logo leads a brand estimated to be worth $5.71 billion in 2020. Today, World Wrestling Entertainment is still the world’s leader in professional sporting entertainment. From 1952 to 2014, the WWE logo has evolved several times. Many factors compelled the company to update its trademark from time to time.

What happened to the second hour of the WWE Raw Show?

Following the sale of WCW and 9/11, WWE dropped the “is War” part of the Raw show, making it just “Raw” again. The second hour was renamed the “Raw Zone”, as well, to coincide with the dropping of the “War” line. This was dropped because it was the end of the Monday Night Wars and the competition between WCW and WWF was over.

Did Mick Foley tweet the new WWE logo?

Mick Foley tweeted the daring new logo for WWE’s flagship program: Many of my BIGGEST career moments have been on #RAW and I look forward to creating MORE in the #NewEra #NewLogo pic.twitter.com/L8Ep5yJKiT Daniel Bryan tweeted the exciting new logo of the blue brand:

What is the history of WWE Monday Night Raw?

Beginning as WWF’s Monday Night Raw, the program first aired on January 11, 1993 on the USA Network as a replacement for Prime Time Wrestling, which aired on the network for eight years.


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