What happens at the end of Ben Hur?

What happens at the end of Ben Hur?

Naomi and Tirzah are miraculously healed by rainwater containing the blood of Jesus, and Sheik Ilderim pays a ransom to set them free. Despite his anger, Ben-Hur finds the strength to forgive Messala and is reconciled with him and his family.

Is someone wearing a watch in Ben Hur?

Concentrate during the final chariot race when Ben Hur’s enemy falls from his chariot and you might see the opponent is wearing a watch. There are various versions of this claim, with some saying it is a Rolex while other’s believe it is a digital wrist watch.

How much did Charlton Heston make for Ben-Hur?

Kirk Douglas was interested in the role, but was turned down in favor of Heston, who was formally cast on January 22, 1958. His salary was $250,000 for 30 weeks, a prorated salary for any time over 30 weeks, and travel expenses for his family.

What is the meaning of Ben-Hur?

Plot summary. Ben-Hur is a story of a fictional hero named Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish nobleman who was falsely accused and convicted of an attempted assassination of the Roman governor of Judaea and consequently enslaved by the Romans.

Who is the earlier figure in the shot in Ben-Hur?

The figure is Charlton Heston, and the shot is an earlier segment of a shot used later in the movie when Ben-Hur is returning home from a trade expedition. Heston’s costume is the same, but he’s only clearly recognizable in the second sequence. Since the two scenes are set 33 years apart, perhaps the earlier figure is Ben-Hur’s father. (00:07:40)

Does Ben-Hur die as a slave in the play?

When an accident makes it appear as though Ben-Hur has attacked Gratus, Messala confirms Ben-Hur’s (false) guilt, destroying Ben-Hur’s family. Condemned to die as a galley slave, Ben-Hur is freed after three years when he saves the life of a Roman military commander named Quintus Arrius.

What is the chariot race scene in Ben-Hur?

The following is a chronological listing of the stunts in the chariot race scene of the 1959 version of Ben-Hur: Chariot flips over as it rounds a turn, driver spills out. Easily performed by stuntman. After Messala rips the wheels of a chariot, the driver is dragged behind the horses.

Was Ben-Hur filmed in 35mm or 65mm?

As MGM plans to release Ben-Hur in both 65mm and 35mm, it was necessary, Surtees said, to consider this at all times when composing scenes in the camera finder. Whenever compositional requirements for the 35mm picture format conflicted with those for the more important 65mm, however, the scene was invariably composed for the latter.


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