What is a catbird slang for?

What is a catbird slang for?

A: The Oxford English Dictionary describes “the catbird seat” as American slang for “a superior or advantageous position.”

Why do catbirds chase cats?

They begin to broadcast their cat-like cry at sunrise. If that did not provide enough motivation to want to be rid of them, they are also not intimidated by the family cat or the family dog. Upon sighting a possible enemy, catbirds screech and swoop down in apparent attack, pestering household pets without mercy.

Are catbirds bad?

While they will not take all the fruit from your garden, they will take enough to notice and therefore, during that time they are something of a nuisance….Catbirds As Good Guys and Bad Guys.

Lunch For Catbirds
Ants Colorado potato beetles Mexican bean beetles
Asparagus beetles Cucumber beetles Other beetles
Caterpillars Grasshoppers

Are catbirds aggressive to humans?

Birds that nest in close proximity to people; the northern mockingbird, American robin, gray catbird, and blue jay, are the most frequent assailants, and the mockingbird is without a doubt the most zealous—harassing, people, domestic animals, and other birds. …

Where did the phrase catbird seat come from?

“The catbird seat” is an idiomatic phrase used to describe an enviable position, often in terms of having the upper hand or greater advantage in any type of dealing among parties. It derives from the secluded perch on which the grey catbird makes mocking calls.

Who wrote sitting in The Catbird Seat?

James Thurber
“The Catbird Seat” is a 1942 short story by James Thurber. The story first appeared in The New Yorker on November 14, 1942. The story was also published in the 1945 anthology The Thurber Carnival.

Are catbirds friendly?

The gray catbird is a baffling bird with a personality that runs the gamut from introverted to extroverted, sometimes depending on the season and at other times seemingly just on a whim. With some gentle persuasion, however, people can gain a catbird’s trust and develop a fun friendship with these clever songbirds.

Are GREY catbirds aggressive?

Gray Catbirds are prolific nesters and usually raise two broods per season. They are aggressive neighbors and have been observed destroying eggs and nestlings of other bird species, including Vesper Sparrow, Song Sparrow, and American Robin.

Are catbirds aggressive to other birds?

Who is the antagonist in The Catbird Seat?

Ulgine Barrows is the antagonist of the novel, The Catbird Seat.

What is the moral of The Catbird Seat?

One of the more important themes of “The Catbird Seat” is the struggle for men and women to understand each other and live together. In Thurber’s work, the battle is always between a weak, nervous man and a strong, domineering woman.

What is the meaning of the name catbird?

Definition of catbird.: an American songbird (Dumetella carolinensis) that is dark gray in color with a black cap and reddish coverts under the tail and is related to the mockingbird.

Is the gray catbird A common bird?

Gray catbirds are common, so you may not pay them much attention. But look into the research, and you’ll find that this backyard bird is full of surprises. Let’s take a closer look. As I write this, a gray catbird is singing in my backyard.

What does the phrase ‘in the Catbird Seat’ mean?

The phrase likely refers to the catbird’s preference for high tree branches (which keep predators at bay). As the CEO’s assistant, you are definitely sitting in the catbird seat. I know you were hoping to be elected president over Joe, but, as vice president, you’re in the catbird seat if he resigns.

How does a gray catbird respond to predators?

Predation and threats. Usually a shy bird, it can be attracted by “pishing” sound. Gray catbirds are not afraid of predators and respond to them aggressively by flashing their wings and tails and by making their signature mew sounds. They are also known to even attack and peck predators that come too near their nests.


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