What is a mallet fracture?

What is a mallet fracture?

A mallet fracture occurs when the extensor tendon also causes avulsion of the distal phalanx. There are three subtypes of mallet fractures based on the age of the patient and the percent of the articular surface of the distal phalanx involved. The treatment remains controversial.

Is a mallet finger broken?

Mallet Finger Overview With mallet finger, the tendon on the back of the finger (not the palm side) is separated from the muscles it connects. Three types of injuries commonly occur: The tendon is damaged, but no fractures (bone cracks or breaks) are present.

What does mallet finger affect?

Mallet finger is an injury to the end of your finger that causes it to bend inwards towards your palm. You will not be able to straighten the end of your finger because the tendon connecting the muscle to the finger bone is stretched or torn. Credit: Your finger will also be painful and swollen.

Does mallet finger fully heal?

Recovery time for mallet finger is usually eight weeks. It can be longer if you don’t keep to the splinting routine as directed. Most people heal well. You may not gain full ability to straighten the end of your finger at first.

Which tendon is affected in mallet finger?

A mallet finger is a deformity of the finger. It occurs when the tendon that straightens the finger (the extensor tendon) is damaged at the fingertip. This can commonly happen when an object (like a ball) strikes the tip of the finger or thumb. It can also happen when forceful bending of the fingertip occurs.

What tendon is injured with mallet finger?

In a mallet injury, when an object hits the tip of the finger or thumb, the force of the blow tears the extensor tendon. Occasionally, a minor force such as tucking in a bed sheet will cause a mallet finger.

What is mallet finger and what are the two methods of treatment?

Nonsurgical Treatment Most mallet finger injuries (in both adults and children) can be treated without surgery. They can initially be treated with splinting. A cold treatment (ice) should be applied immediately, and the hand should be elevated (fingers toward the ceiling.)

Can a mallet finger be straightened?

With a mallet finger injury, the fingertip droops and cannot be actively straightened.

How do you know if a tendon is torn in your finger?

The most common signs of a flexor tendon injury include: An open injury, such as a cut, on the palm side of your hand, often where the skin folds as the finger bends. An inability to bend one or more joints of your finger. Pain when your finger is bent.


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