What is a regen receiver?

What is a regen receiver?

In a regenerative receiver the output of the tube or transistor is connected back to its own input through a tuned circuit (LC circuit). The tuned circuit allows positive feedback only at its resonant frequency. A regeneration control is usually provided for adjusting the amount of feedback (the loop gain).

What is a regen radio?

The regenerative radio receiver or, even super-regenerative radio receiver or, “regen” if you prefer, are basically oscillating detector receivers. They are simple detectors which may be used for cw or ssb when adjusted for oscillation or a-m phone when set just below point of oscillation.

What are the two main functions of regenerative repeater?

Three basic functions are performed by regenerative repeater as follows. (i) Reshaping of the incoming pulse train using an equalizing filter. (ii) Extracting necessary timing information for sampling. (iii) Decision making based on the state of transmission from sampled values.

What is the use of regenerative repeater in PCM?

For a better reproduction of the signal, a circuit called as regenerative repeater is employed in the path before the receiver. This helps in restoring the signals from the losses occurred.

What is a Kitchin regenerative receiver?

This is a homebrew regenerative receiver, mostly based on several designs by Charles Kitchin N1TEV. See the links below for an article by him. The receiver tunes the entire 30m band (10100-10150) and performs quite well.

What is the FET version of the 1-v-1 regenerative receiver?

An FET version of the 1-V-1 Regenerative Receiver, designed and built by C.F. Rockey, is directly mapping from value tube version. most of BJT version will suffer cause BJT low input impedance and hard to control the regen, and most of them use resistor as re-gen control.

What is the best JFET Regen for regeneration?

AA5TB Steve Yates: High-performance JFET regen, tickler coil with capacative regeneration control, filtered audio. Rolf Heine DL6ZB: one-JFET Hartley regen, paired with a one-transistor crystal QRPP TX. Burkhard Kainka: varactor-tuned BJT-only receiver, differential 2xPNP for regeneration.

How to distinguish a direct conversion receiver from a normal receiver?

In use, it is hard to distinguish from a direct-conversion receiver. For tuning, I use a 1N4007 diode together with a 10-turn potentiometer. In series with a 10pF fixed capacitor and in parallel with a little more than 100pF this results in a tuning range almost exactly the size of the 30m band (50 kHz).


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