What is a superintendent evaluation?

What is a superintendent evaluation?

A HIGH-QUALITY SUPERINTENDENT EVALUATION: identifies superintendent professional development opportunities. provides a mechanism for public accountability. provides input and feedback to the superintendent to guide continuous improvement.

What does the NC superintendent do?

The North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction is the elected head of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and oversees the public school systems of the state.

What matters most in superintendent evaluation?

The results indicate that the most important factors in board evaluations of the superintendent include management of the financial affairs of the district, maintaining the quality of the education program, relationships with employees, developing and implementing long term plans for the district, student performance …

What is a teacher evaluation?

In general, teacher evaluation refers to the formal process a school uses to review and rate teachers’ performance and effectiveness in the classroom. Ideally, the findings from these evaluations are used to provide feedback to teachers and guide their professional development.

Who is the new NC State Superintendent?

N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt was officially sworn in as the state’s elected leader of K-12 education during today’s inauguration with Gov. Roy Cooper and the nine members of the Council of State.

Who is in charge of education in North Carolina?

Superintendent of Public Instruction

North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction
Selection Method: Elected
Current Officeholder
North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt Republican Party Assumed office: 2021-01-01

What are the six standards of teaching?

Effective teachers integrate the following: (1) ethical concern for children and society; (2) extensive subject matter competence; (3) thoughtfully selected pedagogical practices; and (4) a depth of knowledge about their students, including knowledge of child and adolescent development and learning; an understanding of …

What are 21st century standards?

The 21st century standards according to P21’s website are: • Focuses on 21st century skills, content knowledge, and expertise. • Builds understanding across and among core subjects as well as 21st century interdisciplinary themes. • Emphasizes deep understanding rather than shallow knowledge.

What is Evaas data?

EVAAS helps policymakers: Examine data that can inform policies addressing specific student, school and district needs. Address access and opportunity gaps across the state, districts and schools.


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