What is a traditional South African braai?

What is a traditional South African braai?

What Is Braai? As mentioned above, Braai is the South African equivalent of a barbeque. South Africans generally use wood and charcoal to cook their meat, wood being the better method because it brings out the best flavours in the meat. Charcoal is a 2nd option, although the purists won’t be impressed.

What do you call a South African BBQ?

In South Africa, a braai (plural braais) is a barbecue or grill and is a social custom in much of Southern Africa. The term originated with the Afrikaners, but has since been adopted by South Africans of many ethnic backgrounds.

Is braai an Afrikaans?

A braai is the African version of a barbecue. The words’ origin lies in the language of Afrikaans. For those not being able to assign it to a country — Afrikaans is spoken in southern Africa.

What language is braai?

Etymology. From braaivleis (“grilled meat”), from Afrikaans braai (“to grill”), from Dutch braden (“roast”).

Why do people braai?

A braai is all about having a good time and catching up with friends, a combination of everything South Africans love—family, friends, good food, and drinks. A braai also often revolves around another event, like a rugby match, ensuring a lively (and loud) atmosphere.

What do they call braai in America?

“A braai… is a uniquely South African social gathering around food that it roasted on an open fire,” he said. “Americans sometimes display similar behavior, calling it a ‘barbeque,’ but it’s not quite the same thing.”

Can you braai in Germany?

There is no law prohibiting it.

Where did the word braai originate from?

South Africa
The word ‘braai’ is Afrikaans, originating from the Dutch word ‘braden’ which means ‘to roast’. The beauty of the braai is that it’s not specific to any one cultural group in South Africa, and it transcends the country’s turbulent past to bring the nation together.

Is braai a culture?

The Braai culture revolves around a fire, cooking meat, gathering and socializing with family and friends. Summers, especially during Christmas and Sundays are well-known times for a braai but, there is no such restriction. South Africans braai all year round.

Who invented the braai?

Humans owe their evolution to the South African who invented the braai.

What do British people call a barbecue?

People in the U.S. and the UK use the word barbecue to refer to different cooking techniques. In the UK a barbecue will typically refer to a meal cooked outdoors on a grill fueled by charcoal, wood or propane. This could include anything from hamburgers and sausages to chicken or other meats and vegetables.


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