What is a zone of relevance?

What is a zone of relevance?

Zones of Relevance The most relevant in the centre of the target and the less relevant on the outside. There is not always a clear right or wrong here, however this allows space to discuss why and for pupils to explain their reasoning.

How does a zone of relevance work?

Zone of Relevance Diagram. Discuss the words with your partner then sort them onto the diagram. If a word is irrelevant, put it outside the circle. If it is relevant, decide how relevant – the more relevant it is the closer it must be to the centre.

What is an English working wall?

The purpose of the working wall is to support children’s independent writing. It evolves as a unit of work unfolds, and is not intended to be a tidy display of finished work. The wall should exemplify the writing process from the ‘reading as a writer’ stage to the ‘nearly finished’ stage.

What does Wagoll mean?

What a Good One Looks Like
A WAGOLL stands for ‘What a Good One Looks Like’. If we want our children to become outstanding writers then they need to see outstanding writing or at least writing that models what they are working towards. They set the standard for the quality of work needed in order to achieve the lesson objective.

What is a working wall in a classroom?

A working wall is basically an interactive display – a display that you set up in your classroom where you either structure child / class interaction or you try to encourage child / class interaction.

What makes a good working wall?

Working walls should reflect what is being covered at that time in the subject…in other words they should be up to date! Working walls should present children with challenges based on their prior learning.

What makes a good learning wall?

Anything that goes up on the wall should support children’s learning and remind them of what is expected. Examples of successful words for the word bank, great writing and photographs of children working successfully can also add to the display.

What is a waggle teaching?

WAGOLL stands for ‘What a Good One Looks Like’ and they are ‘good’ examples of work that teachers can give students to look at to provide inspiration for their own work. They help set a certain standard that children should be aiming to achieve in order to meet the lesson objectives.

What is the opposite of Wagoll?

WABOLL is the opposite of WAGOLL. It stands for What A Bad One Looks Like.

How do you display a classroom?

9 tips for effective classroom displays

  1. Include everyone.
  2. Display drafts and polished pieces.
  3. Ask for input from pupils.
  4. Put pieces at eye level.
  5. Choose the right space.
  6. Have borders.
  7. Keep displays current.

What should be on a learning wall?

Learning Walls are visual classroom displays that centre around a LEARNING INTENTION and include elements such as text scaffolds, word walls, and bump it up walls. Anything that builds on your student knowledge as they work towards their LEARNING INTENTION can be included.

What do you put in a literacy working wall?


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