What is ActionScript 3?

What is ActionScript 3?

Remarks # ActionScript 3 is the programming language for the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtime environments. It is object-oriented ECMAScript based language used primary for native application development on desktop (Windows/Mac) and mobile (iOS/Android) devices.

How do I use actionactionscript 3 with Adobe Animate CC?

ActionScript 3 can be used by installing the Adobe AIR SDK or Apache Flex SDK or as part Adobe’s Animate CC product (formerly known as Flash Professional). Adobe Animate CC is a professional software solution that can be used to create AS3 projects using visual tools – once installed, no further steps are necessary to begin creating AS3 projects.

Are You Ready to start developing AS3 applications with FlashDevelop?

You are now ready to start developing AS3 applications with FlashDevelop! An example document class that prints “Hello, World” to the debug console when instantiated.

What programming language is used in the ActionScript?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ActionScript was an object-oriented programming language originally developed by Macromedia Inc. (later acquired by Adobe Systems). It is influenced by HyperTalk, the scripting language for HyperCard.

How do I find the ActionScript language element reference documentation?

To find reference documentation for a specific ActionScript language element, do one of the following: Open the ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference, and search for the language element. (Deprecated with Animate) Open the ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference, and search for the language element.

Does ActionScript support regular expressions?

ActionScript 3.0 includes native support for regular expressions so that you can quickly search for and manipulate strings. ActionScript 3.0 implements support for regular expressions as they are defined in the ECMAScript (ECMA- 262) edition 3 language specification. LEARNING ACTIONSCRIPT 3.03 Introduction to ActionScript 3.0 Last updated 5/2/2011


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