What is Barclays bank UK IBAN number?

What is Barclays bank UK IBAN number?

IBAN for Barclays in the United Kingdom consists of 22 characters: 2 letter country code….What is the IBAN code for Barclays in the United Kingdom?

Barclays IBAN example in the United Kingdom GB13BUKB60161331926819
Check digits 13
Bank code BUKB
Sort code 601613
Bank account number 31926819

Where do you find your IBAN number Barclays?

Select the account you wish to view the IBAN / SWIFTBIC of. Tap ‘Manage’ – on the top right of the screen. Scroll down to ‘Manage Payments’ section and you will be able to see your IBAN and SWIFTBIC there.

What is IBAN for UK banks?

An IBAN consists of up to 34 letters and numbers and follows a specific format. In the UK, IBANs consist of 22 digits and include the country code, check digits, bank code, sort code, and bank account number. The first two letters represent the country where your bank is located. This is “GB” for United Kingdom.

What is Barclays international routing code?

If the payment is being made in US dollars, you might be asked to supply the details of who Barclays UK banks with in the USA, including the ABA code 026002574. This is equivalent to a UK sort code and is also known as the Fed Wire number.

How do I find my IBAN number ABL?

16 digit code for the Allied Bank Limited bank account number….What is the IBAN code for Allied Bank Limited in Pakistan?

Allied Bank Limited IBAN example in Pakistan PK93ABPA0000001123456702
IBAN in print format PK93 ABPA 0000 0011 2345 6702
Country code PK
Check digits 93
Bank code ABPA

What is Barclays SWIFT code in UK?

A SWIFT code (or SWIFTBIC, as it’s sometimes known) is a code that helps overseas banks identify which bank to send money to. For example, if an overseas bank is sending to a payment to your Barclays UK account, they’ll need to know our SWIFT code: BUKBGB22.


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