What is calcarea Phosphorica used for?

What is calcarea Phosphorica used for?

Calcarea Phosphoricum is the major constituent in bones and teeth. It is commonly prescribed for treating teething problems in infants, after dental drilling or surgery, to reduce tooth decay, and to stimulate the timely eruption of teeth.

How do you take calcarea Phosphorica 3x?

Directions For Use: Put tablets into mouth and allow them to dissolve under the tongue. For adults and adolescents (12 years and older) 2 to 4 tablets, four times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Children (under 12 years) 2 tablets twice a day.

What contains calcarea Phosphorica?

Calcarea phosphorica is a homeopathic medication used as an over-the-counter medication supposedly to improve dentition in toddlers and infants. It contains calcium phosphate but details about the exact ratio of constituents are unavailable on the packaging or elsewhere.

What is arnica pills used for?

Arnica is believed to help relieve pain associated with arthritis and muscle soreness. It is also used to treat post-surgical swelling and bruising. It is available in topical and oral forms.

What are the uses and benefits of Calcarea phosphorica 30c?

Calcarea Phosphorica 30c Uses, Benefits – Calcarea Phos Uses 1 Constitution and Physiognomy. It is best suited to people having a dark complexion, eyes,… 2 Physio-pathological Changes (Pathology) It acts upon the vegetative system,… 3 Characteristic Mental Symptoms (Psychology) Feel complaints more when thinking about them.

Where is calcarea sulphurica found in the body?

Liver: Calcarea sulphurica is present only in the bile, according to Bunge. The Calcarea sulphurica contained in bile comes from the liver, where it fulfills the function of destroying worn out red blood corpuscles, by taking away their water.

Is calcarea sulphurica good for nephritis?

In the kidneys, deficiency of Calcarea sulphurica results in microminimal changes in the basement membrane of the glomerulus causing albuminuria (as calcium binds with albumin). Therefore, it is useful in nephritis and nephrosis.

What is the preparation of precipitated phosphate of lime?

Preparation: Triturations of precipitated phosphate of lime are prepared with sugar of milk as directed in our pharmacopoeia. It is best suited to people having a dark complexion, eyes, hair and pale face. Persons are thin, sunken, have a flabby abdomen, soft bones, an enlarged head and a weak and emaciated neck.


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