What is Crdb?

What is Crdb?

CRDB Bank offers a comprehensive range of Corporate, Retail, Business, Treasury, Premier, and wholesale microfinance services through a network of 260 branches, 551 ATMs, 18 Depository ATMs, 12 Mobile branches and 1184 Point of Sales (POS) terminals.

How can I check my CRDB account balance?

Access Your Account 24/7 with SimBanking *150*03# | CRDB Bank PLC.

What is the long term of CRDB?

Institutions picking up two Awards each included Citibank, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, CRDB, Kenya Commercial Bank, KWFT and NIC Bank….CRDB.

Acronym Definition
CRDB Centenary Rural Development Bank (Uganda)
CRDB Care Record Development Board (London, UK)

How can I transfer money from NMB to other bank?

You can transfer money to other bank through one of two ways. Simply log in to NMBMobile, click on (ZIPIT), select the beneficiary bank and then input necessary details. You can also transfer through RTGS. Click on (ZIPIT), select the beneficiary bank and then input necessary details.

Is NMB a government bank?

Previously a government-owned institution, NMB Bank was established in 1997 as National Microfinance Bank Limited. The bank was privatized in 2005 and became NMB Bank.

How can I use my Crdb Sim banking?

For USSD SimBanking users, simple

  1. Dial *150*03#
  2. Enter pin.
  3. Select SimBanking Visa.
  4. Scan to Pay/Send money/Withdraw.
  5. Confirm payment and you will receive a payment notification instantly.

What is swift BIC of CRDB Bank?

Through the use of our SWIFT CODE: CORUTZTZ you can send or receive money from and to anywhere in the world.


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