What is difference between fluorometer and Spectrofluorometer?

What is difference between fluorometer and Spectrofluorometer?

The difference between them is the way they select the wavelengths of incident light; filter fluorometers use filters while spectrofluorometers use grating monochromators. Filter fluorometers are often purchased or built at a lower cost but are less sensitive and have less resolution than spectrofluorometers.

What does a Spectrofluorometer measure?

Spectrofluorometers (or fluorescence spectrophotometers) measure the fluorescence signature of an analyte in a sample based on its specific excitation and emission wavelengths. The fluorescence signature can be correlated to the concentration level of the analyte in the sample.

What is meant by Spectrofluorimetry?

(ˌspɛktrəʊflʊəˈrɪmɪtə ) or spectrofluorometer. noun. an instrument for recording fluorescence emission and absorption spectra.

What is the principle of fluorimetry?

Principle of Fluorimetry: When molecules are irradiated with light of the appropriate frequency, it will be absorbed in about 10-15 seconds. In the process of absorption, the molecules may move from ground to the first excited singlet electronic state.

Is Spectrofluorometer and spectrophotometer?

As nouns the difference between spectrophotometer and spectrofluorometer. is that spectrophotometer is (physics) an instrument used to measure the intensity of electromagnetic radiation at different wavelengths while spectrofluorometer is (physics|chemistry) a spectrometer used in fluorescence spectroscopy.

What is fluorimetry Slideshare?

FLUORIMETRY:- It is measurement of fluorescence intensity at a particular wavelength wit the help of a filter fluorimeter or a spectrofluorimeter. 5.  PRINCIPLE:- Molecule contains electrons, electrons and non bonding (n) electron.  The electrons may be present in bonding molecular orbital.

What is the difference between spectrophotometer and Spectrofluorometer?

What are primary and secondary filter in fluorimetry?

Filters. There are two filters for the fluorometer: The primary filter or excitation filter or incident light filter isolates the wavelength that will cause the compound to fluoresce (the incident light). The secondary filter isolates the desired emitted light (fluorescent light).

What is difference between spectrophotometer and Spectrofluorometer?

How are spectrographs useful for astronomers?

Spectrographs are fundamental pieces of astronomical instrumentation and they are far more sophisticated than a prism. The spectrum of a star or any astronomical object not only reveals the presence of certain chemical elements, but also informs about the prevailing physical conditions, such as temperature and density.

What is quenching in fluorimetry?

Abstract. Fluorescence quenching refers to any process that decreases the fluorescence intensity of a sample. A variety of molecular interactions can result in quenching. These include excited-state reactions, molecular rearrangements, energy transfer, ground-state complex formation, and colli-sional quenching.

What are the types of spectrophotometers?


  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.
  • Double Beam Spectrophotometer (UV Visible)
  • Infrared Spectrophotometer.
  • Laboratory Colorimeter / Digital Colorimeters.
  • Single Beam Spectrophotometer (UV Visible)
  • Spectrofluorometer.
  • Spectrophotometer.
  • Spectrophotometers (by Wavelength Range) Infrared Spectrophotometer.


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