What is Hamburg AB area?

What is Hamburg AB area?

Hamburg AB comprises the city of Hamburg and a number of surrounding towns and country districts. Our products.

How do I get from Hamburg airport to city?

The distance from Hamburg Airport to downtown is 10 kilometers and the travel time is around 25 minutes by train and by taxi 20 minutes and will be around €30. The cheapest way from Hamburg airport to city center is by public train and bus €3 and it will take 25-30 minutes to reach city center.

What is a fare zone?

noun. a section of a bus journey for which a set charge is made.

How much is a taxi from Hamburg airport to city?

Taxi Service Hamburg Airport has 10 licensed Taxi companies waiting for you outside of the terminals. An average taxi fare to city center will cost you around 25€ and it will take you 25 minutes.

How to buy the right HVV ticket?

To buy the right ticket, you need to know where you would like to go to and from where. HVV tariffs are not bound to a number of stops but on the availability of locations. The “zones” you need to pass will determine how much you have to pay for a ticket.

Do children under 6 travel free on HVV services?

Children under 6 always travel free of charge on HVV services! You can get single, day and group tickets in the Online Shop, via the HVV-App or with your HVV-Card Card with a discount of 7%. Or you can simply purchase tickets at a ticket machine or on the bus.

How much does a one-way ticket cost in Germany?

One-way tickets cost between 1,60 EUR and 3,30 EUR. If you need to travel around, it is always a day-ticket unless you are not moving around short ways. 4 short trips or 3 short-journeys equalize the price of a day ticket (whether or not before or after 9 AM).

How many rings does it cost to travel around Hamburg?

If you travel within Hamburg, any location is in the rings A & B. Hence, the price for 1-2 rings apply and is the equivalent to the “greater area” above. If you live further out or want to conduct a trip to outside Hamburg, it is 3 to 5 rings. The prices have been checked in 2018 last.


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