What is Mikey Bustos gender?

What is Mikey Bustos gender?

Bustos came out as bisexual on April 22, 2019 via Instagram. He also disclosed that he is in a relationship with RJ Garcia, who is also his manager.

Where does Mikey Bustos live now?

YouTuber Mikey Bustos has a LOT to thank for as he acquires new land for his new home. YouTuber Mikey Bustos is over the moon with joy as he acquires a new lot beside his home in Cavite, Philippines.

Where is Mikey Bustos farm house?

Taking you on a full tour of our future home on our farm in Cavite, Philippines currently under construction. It has been a long journey to get to this point, but we are very excited to move in and start making new memories with all of you through our vlogs. Welcome to our new home- the Mabuhay Squad farm!

What country does AntsCanada live in?

AntsCanada and its products have been featured on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. It also hosts the largest online ant community on Youtube and Facebook. Its main office is located in Toronto, Canada with its main manufacturing facilities in Salt Lake City, USA, Beijing, China, and Manila, Philippines.

What is AntsCanada net worth?

AntsCanada Net Worth Michael John Bustos has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

How many ants does AntsCanada have?

And in late August of 2017, the AntsCanada ant channel reached 1 million subscribers. As of March 9, 2021, Bustos currently has 3 ant colonies that he documents on the channel….YouTube.

Ant species Name Fate
Black Crazy Ants The Dark Knights Killed off by multiple wild ant colonies at once

Is Antcanada a Mikey Bustos?

Mikey Bustos is a Filipino-Canadian professional singer and songwriter and the owner of the AntsCanada ant channel. His professional music career began in 2003 when he appeared in Canadian Idol.

How much is AntsCanada worth?


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