What is pureprenatal massage techniques?

What is pureprenatal massage techniques?

Prenatal Massage Techniques is the second course in the prenatal massage certification and doula certification series.

Is a prenatal massage safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a powerful and exciting time. It can also be exhausting. A prenatal massage is a great way for expecting mothers to find relief and relaxation. Your therapist is specially trained in how to position and support your body throughout the massage. Prenatal massage can help to relieve aches in your back and neck, and address leg cramps.

What is infant massage?

Basic infant massage can soothe an anxious baby, and will provide all of the wonderful benefits that massage holds for adults. This home study continuing education course teaches simple routines for general massage, as well as exercises to stimulate muscle development and coordination.

How many CEs do you need for prenatal massage therapy in Texas?

With it, you earn 12 CEs (classified as cognitive, valid for states like Texas). It lays the groundwork by teaching you the cognitive, conceptual aspects of prenatal massage so that you can:

How do I become a certified prenatal massage therapist?

To earn the title of Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, you will complete two steps: Prenatal Massage Fundamentals, and Prenatal Massage Techniques. Prenatal Massage Fundamentals is the first course in the prenatal massage certification and doula certification series, and is a pre-requisite to taking the prenatal or doula certification courses.

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