What is Pyrex pan?

What is Pyrex pan?

Pyrex (trademarked as PYREX and pyrex) is a brand introduced by Corning Inc. In Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, the PYREX (all uppercase) trademark is licensed by International Cookware for bakeware that has been made of borosilicate and soda-lime glass, stoneware, metal plus vitroceramic cookware.

What is Pyrex used for?

Pyrex, (trademark), a type of glass and glassware that is resistant to heat, chemicals, and electricity. It is used to make chemical apparatus, industrial equipment, including piping and thermometers, and ovenware.

Why is it called Pyrex?

Company accounts suggest that the name Pyrex came from the company’s tradition of using “ex” in its glass formulas (Corning’s first heat-resistant glass was called Nonex), according to Regan Brumagen, public services librarian and co-curator of the exhibition at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Is Pyrex pan good?

As well as having a smart appearance, the Pyrex Gusto+ pans are great performers in frying, cooking and boiling. The non-stick coating is very effective when removing food and if any residue does remain, it rinses off easily under the tap.

What kind of glass is Pyrex?

borosilicate glass
Pyrex bowls were originally made of something called borosilicate glass, which is very resistant to thermal shock. Currently, Pyrex is made of soda-lime glass, presumably as a cost-cutting measure, as soda-lime glass is very inexpensive.

Where is Pyrex glass made?

The Pyrex® glass is made in France at Chateauroux in the most unique oven in the world! Thanks to our proficiency that was inherited from a long-standing/established tradition and cutting innovation process the Pyrex® brand represents one of the leading companies in Europe in glass manufacturing.

Why is Pyrex glass used in kitchen?

Pyrex glass has a very less coefficient of thermal expansion; therefore, the glassware made from that does not easily crack on heating and hence higher durability.

Is Pyrex glass a metal?

The glassware used in kitchen are generally made of pyrex glass because pyrex glass has a very low coefficient of expansion,so the vessels do not crack on being heated. ​​​​​​It is not a metal. It is a low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass used for kitchenware. It is a non-metal.

Who makes Pyrex dishes?

For 100 years, Corning has developed special glass for use in both chemical and life science laboratories, including PYREX® glass. Made from Type 1, Class A low expansion borosilicate glass, PYREX glassware has become the accepted standard in chemistry labs across the globe.

How hot is Pyrex glass?

Pyrex® glass is good for normal use temperature of 446 °F and maximum use temperature 914 °F.

How do you use glass cookware?

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  1. Don’t set a hot glass dish directly on the metal eyes of your stove.
  2. Don’t cook a dry dish in a glass pan.
  3. Ensure all cloths or oven mitts used to handle the pan are dry before using them.
  4. Use oven mitts to handle hot pans.
  5. Don’t use glass cookware to reheat dry foods in the microwave.

What type of material is Pyrex?

Pyrex glass is a borosilicate glass first produced by The Corning Glass Works company. It is made by heating raw materials like silica sand and boric oxide to extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time.


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