What is QIAamp RNA Mini Kit?

What is QIAamp RNA Mini Kit?

Principle. The QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit and QIAamp Viral RNA Mini QIAcube Kit simplify viral RNA purification from cell-free body fluids with fast spin-column, vacuum or automated procedures. The QIAamp 96 Viral RNA Kit simplifies viral RNA isolation from nasotracheal swabs. No phenol–chloroform extraction is required …

What is the role of carrier RNA in RNA extraction?

Why and when is it necessary to use carrier DNA/RNA in the extraction procedure? The addition of carrier nucleic acids increases the yield of extracted DNA/RNA from analytical samples. Carrier RNA is not required when sample material containing an excess amount of DNA is used, such as stool, blood cells and others.

What is Qiagen kit?

QIAGEN Plasmid Kits provide gravity-flow, anion-exchange tips for purification of transfection-grade plasmid DNA. Lysate clearing and isopropanol precipitation are achieved by centrifugation. The QIAGEN Plasmid Mega Kit (cat. 12191) can be used with the QIAfilter Mega-Giga Cartridges (cat.

How do you store carrier RNA?

The Carrier RNA Set is shipped and stored at room temperature. After mixing Carrier RNA with RNase-Free Water, please store at -20 ºC for 1 month. For long-term storage, please aliquot Carrier RNA solution and store at -20 ºC.

How do you store trizol?

From the Trizol protocol: “Homogenized samples can be stored at room temperature for several hours, or at –60 to –70°C for at least one month.”

What is AVL buffer?

Product Details. Buffer AVL is a viral lysis buffer used for purifying viral nucleic acids. It is supplied with or without carrier RNA.

What is in Qiagen elution buffer?

Elution Buffer QLE of the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit contains 10 mM Tris-Cl and 0.1 mM EDTA (pH 8.5). Due to the very low concentration of EDTA, enzymatic downstream reactions such as PCR and cycle sequencing are not inhibited.

How does carrier DNA work?

Transfection Carrier DNA is a plasmid DNA used to reduce the amount of an expression vector or reporter vector in mammalian cell transfection without reducing the overall amount of DNA. Depending on the application, the ratio of reporter to Transfection Carrier DNA may require optimization.

Does PCR remove primer dimers?

Primer-dimers present in PCR reactions are effectively removed during the purification process with Norgen’s PCR Purification Kit.

How long can you store RNA?

RNA is generally stable at -80° C for up to a year without degradation.

How Long Can RNA be stored 4c?

➢Extracted RNA can be stored at 4°C for 14 days without degradation.

What can I use the rneasy plus 96 kit for?

The RNeasy Plus Micro Kit is suitable for small samples, including: The ease with which RNA is purified in 96-well format makes the RNeasy Plus 96 Kit well suited for high-throughput gene expression analysis in areas such as: Total RNA extraction: effective cell genomic DNA removal.

What is the difference between rneasy 96 and qiacube?

The RNeasy 96 Kit enables high-throughput purification of total RNA from up to 96 cultured-cell samples using silica-membrane RNeasy 96 plates. A dedicated RNeasy QIAcube Kit enables automated purification of 1–12 samples on the QIAcube Connect.

Is total RNA purified with the rneasy Maxi kit of high quality?

Total RNA purified with the RNeasy Maxi Kit is of high quality and is suitable for many downstream applications (see figure “High-quality RNA from a variety of samples” ).

What is the part number for the QIAGEN reagent tube?

Supplier Part Number Mfr’r Name Item Description Model Number UOM Published Price 9018935 QIAGEN Adapter, reagent tube SBS Plate EQSV0ISAC0 EACH 528 9018938 QIAGEN Adapter, Light Cycler 480 384-Well


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