What is Sudanese Khumra?

What is Sudanese Khumra?

The well-known alluring scent of Sudanese and Sahelian African women, Khumra is a feminine, oud and musky scent. The smell will linger on your clothes for days! This is definitely a unique and traditional scent that will announce your arrival in a room as soon as you enter.

What is Humra perfume?

Khumra / Humra – Sudanese Traditional Perfumes”The technique generally used to prepare the traditional perfumes is unique. After smoking the paste Frankincense, myrrh and various liquid aromatic oils is added and the smoked paste is then infused in oil to produce the perfume.

What is the use of Bint El Sudan?

In Northern Nigeria (Sahara), where dry winds and the sun parch and crack the skin, Bint el Sudan pomade (with a glycerine base) is used to moisten and soften the skin; Bint el Sudan also acquired medicinal properties. It is known to make an excellent bath oil and is extensively used as a dressing for the hair.

How is Bakhoor made?

Another type of famous Bakhoor is called Oud (wood). These types are made with bigger shavings of Argarwood or Sandalwood chips. They take these raw materials and soak them directly into a secret batch of scented oil mix and cover them in a pot for days to soak the wood chips in the flavor.

What is Turaren WUTA?

Turaren wuta, as it is commonly referred to in Hausa parlance, is incense locally made from a variety of materials. It is most commonly used is for deodorising or freshening environments. Thirty-six-year-old Zainab Muhammad, from Niamey, capital of Niger, specialises in making different types of incense.

What does Bint El Sudan smell like?

“However, Bint el Sudan is greater than just that: it is the unmistakable smell of Africa – a blend of floral odours with the emphasis of jasmine, lilac and lily of the valley, with undertones of woody notes supported by musk, amber and moss.”

What is the function of perfume?

Perfume is used to give a pleasant and desirable scent to a person’s body, typically with the aim of increasing self-appeal and self-confidence. Scents are reported to enhance health and well-being by improving mood, reducing anxiety and stress, increasing cognitive function, and improving sleep [6].

Is burning bakhoor bad for health?

Our studies in the UAE found that bakhoor and other scents are irritants for asthmatic people.” Lalit Uchil, specialist physician and medical director, Mediclinic, Al Sufouh, Dubai, told Gulf News that incense smoke is linked to various health hazards that affect the eyes, nose, throat and skin.

What is the difference between bakhoor and Oud?

What is the difference between Oud and Bakhoor fragrances? These Agarwood chips are extracted from the trees that produce the resin, typically the Aquilaria species. Bakhoor generally refers to processed incense which contains various ingredients, usually the natural ingredients but not necessarily.


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