What is the adjective of organism?

What is the adjective of organism?

Medical Definition of organism : an individual constituted to carry on the activities of life by means of organs separate in function but mutually dependent : a living being. Other Words from organism. organismic \ ˌȯr-​gə-​ˈniz-​mik \ also organismal \ -​məl \ adjective. organismically \ -​mi-​k(ə-​)lē \ adverb.

Is Organic an adjective?

organic adjective (LIVING) Organic also means relating to, or belonging to a group of substances containing the chemical element carbon.

Is systematic an adjective?

adjective. having, showing, or involving a system, method, or plan: a systematic course of reading; systematic efforts. given to or using a system or method; methodical: a systematic person. arranged in or comprising an ordered system: systematic theology.

Is a tree an organism?

A tree is considered an organism. When looking up the definition of an organism, put simply, it’s any living thing that has these characteristics: Th…

Is organismal a word?

A system regarded as analogous in its structure or functions to a living body: the social organism. or′gan·is′mal (-nĭz′məl), or′gan·is′mic (-mĭk) adj. or′gan·is′mi·cal·ly adv.

What is organismic analogy?

organic analogy (or biological analogy) Used by Émile Durkheim specifically to bring out the distinction between mechanical and organic solidarity, where in the latter ‘the unity of the (social) organism is as great as the individuation of the parts is more marked’. See also FUNCTION; SOCIAL ORDER.

What is organismic in psychology?

Organismic theories in psychology are a family of holistic psychological theories which tend to stress the organization, unity, and integration of human beings expressed through each individual’s inherent growth or developmental tendency.

Are humans organic?

there will be people who will say that human are mixture of organic and inorganic compounds. but if we see at the definition of organic compounds we see that human body is mostly composed of carbon with few bits of inorganic compounds and elements like Fe, Cu, Mg, Ca etc., so we can confidently say humans are organic.

Can meat organic?

As for organic meat, regulations require that animals are raised in living conditions accommodating their natural behaviors (like the ability to graze on pasture), fed 100% organic feed and forage, and not administered antibiotics or hormones.

Is Systematicness a word?

noun. The quality of being systematic.


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