What is the best ammo to use in war thunder?

What is the best ammo to use in war thunder?

[Top 5] War Thunder Best Ammo for Planes

  • #5 Tracer Ammunition (Best for new players)
  • #4 Stealth Ammunition (Best for ambushes/experienced players)
  • #3 Universal Ammunition (Best for versatility)
  • #2 Air Targets Ammunition (Best for killing aircraft)
  • #1 Armoured Targets (Best for killing tanks and heavy aircraft)

What are the different types of tank rounds?

Types of Ammunition

  • Armoured-piecing round.
  • High-Explosive round.
  • HESH Round (High Explosive Squash Head)
  • APDS (Armoured-Piecing Discarding Sabot)
  • APDSFS (Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot Fin-Stabilized)
  • Canister rounds.
  • The Shaped Charge round.

What is an APC round?

APC is a blunt nosed round with a special cap (the “c” in the name) which “grips” the armor, turning the shell into a perpendicular plane with the armor (ie it normalizes).

What is a tank round?

The M829 is an American armor-piercing, fin-stabilized, discarding sabot (APFSDS) tank round. The round is specifically modeled for the 120 mm M256 main gun on the Abrams M1A1 and M1A2 main battle tanks. The penetrator is carried by a sabot during its acceleration in the gun barrel.

What does ammo racked mean?

Being ‘ammo racked’ is the situation in which a group of ammunition takes damage from enemy fire (gets shot by another tank) and causes the explosive mass in the ammunition to detonate. Any time ammunition inside the tank is detonated, it causes catastrophic damage to the tank.

How much ammo is in a tank?

It slightly varies, depending on the model and tank. Now if you’re only counting the main gun ammunition, it’s around 40–50 rounds, whilst machine gun ammunition far out numbers the main gun ammunition.

How far can a tank fire a shell?

The tank cannon has a maximum effective range of about 3000 meters, and precise aim is required to make a hit. The self-guided missile, however, can — like Longbow Hellfire — be effective to more than 8000 meters, and the electronic brain continually corrects the flight path as necessary.

What is the largest gun in War Thunder?

The FV4005 holds the distinction of being the single largest cannon available in War Thunder Ground Forces at 183 mm, as well as having a very long single-shell reload with a stock time of 38.9 seconds. It can only fire HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) shells and has a limited turret rotation of ±45°.


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